Supply Jingdezhen Ceramic high-grade bone china tea sets British gilt red teapot coffee cup and saucer 4265 #

price: US $156.00
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item Type: scented tea
Product Category: Tea Set
Num.: 4265
Material: Ceramics
Ceramic Category: High white porcelain
Specification: 10.8 * 16cm
Place of origin: Jingdezhen
Printed LOGO: Can

Product Description

Price segment:100-200 yuan
Is there a patent:No
Surface Technology:Underglaze color
Whether with a tea tray:No
Custom support:It is
Tea Accessories:No
With water heating function:No
Whether imported:No

[Name]: gilt bone china mugs Tea Set

[Texture]: High-temperature ceramics

[Grade]: gifted class

[Package]: carton packaging

Tea: Tea tasting is the beauty of the road. Pengcha tea ceremony was also seen as a living art and a tea for the media life rituals, a kind of tea cultivation lifestyles. It is through tea and enjoy tea, smelling the tea, tea, enhance friendship, Maxim virtue, learning etiquette, it is very useful to a beauty ritual. Tea can pause, static God, help strive to remove distractions, which advocated "quiet, Tiantan" of Eastern philosophy is in tune, also in line with Buddhism and Confucianism "introspection practice" thought. Tea spirit is the core of tea culture, tea culture is the soul


Our high-Pak Nai Other works of clay

1 ton 2800 dollar high-Pak Nai, Nai porcelain high local priority-based mining porcelain clay do not easily molded. And black porcelain

Kaolin and other raw materials. After finishing the preparation of high temperature and also inexpensive. Clay one ton 300 dollar.

Original firing delicate porcelain glaze pure noble flawless, white hair yellow time, there are low firing temperature, radioactive

Elegant, muscle that, likeSnow frozen frost suspect. Quality endanger people's health.

The advantages of high lime mud, high firing temperature [Jingdezhen expressly provides that: do not porcelain clay]

Durable hard porcelain green 2 Now some unscrupulous traders due to low cost of clay, porcelain pottery posing