superfine 1kg 250g/bag,Medlar,Wolfberry, Goji berry,Chinese Medlar,Dried GOJI,health product (150 seeds/50g)

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Age: 1 - 2 Years
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS
Variety: Gouqi berry

Product Description

Chinese wolfberry is one of five treasure, and in ZhongNingXian is China's famous hometown of Chinese wolfberry, have a 600 DuoNian planting history.


Chinese wolfberry gump, flat, sex to the liver and kidney, liver, kidney and liver with tonic raise the effect of heat, often and cultivated land, chrysanthemum, yam, mountain Yu meat with medicine. Chinese wolfberry is treasure, the whole body medlar can be born to tonify deficiency of pure, medicine or making tea, bubble wine, double-boil soup, such as drinking, they can often can strengthen body. The Chinese wolfberry leaves, flowers, root is the finest food supplements. Modern medical research shows that it contains beta-carotene, betaine, vitamin A, vitamin B 1. Vitamin B2. Vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, have increased activity, promote liver cells white new the pharmacological function, still can lower blood pressure, fall blood sugar, blood fat.