Super dry wild mulattos sand fresh mulattos dried fruit dried mulberry dry water wine 500g

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Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 12 months
Brand Name: OEM
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Date
Weight (kg): 0.5kgs
Packing style: bulk
place of production: china mainland

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Mulberry is called "folk holy fruit," rich in active protein, vitamins, amino acid, carotene, mineral pigment and other ingredients, with a variety of functions, by the medical profession as the "21st century's best health fruit." Eat mulberry can significantly improve the body's immunity, with delay, the role of beauty Mulberry decomposition of fat, lower blood lipids, prevent hardening of the arteries of the role; Mulberry contains UFA element, make the hair becomes black and glossy, but also to improve the skin (including the scalp) blood supply, nutrition, skin, soft white skin, black hair ; mulberry having immune function; eat mulberry can improve eyesight, relieve symptoms of dry eye fatigue, eat mulberry can have "Wuliu Liu's black eyes!"