Spike! Original 39 yuan! Numazu Japanese Blue Flower ceramic bowl cutlery sets gifts mixed batch

price: US $39.00
from AliExpress
item Type: Black Tea
Product Category: Bowl
Material: Porcelain
For people: Adult
Pattern: Flowers
Style: Japan and South Korea
Shape: Round
One-time items: No

Product Description

Trading properties:Foreign trade of the original single
Occasions for gifts:Birthday, awards commemorate, wedding, advertising promotions, public relations planning, festivals, fairs, housewarming, employee benefits
Printed LOGO:Not
Custom processing:No
Price segment:30-40 yuan
Is there a patent:No
Whether imported:No

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[Material]:High-temperature ceramic

[Process]:Artificial Stained

[Form]:5 Sets

[Size]:Diameter 11cm, height 7cm

Recommended - Japanese-style series of orders in China, delicate porcelain, hand-painted elegant, exquisite exception. Recommended!

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