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Tianshan plum, sweet and sour, unique taste, but also hair care hair care. Tianshan ebony is dried plum Rosaceae nearly ripe fruit, spring, summer room nearly ripe fruit picking. Soft flesh, oval, containing yellow stone one, Tianshan ebony with big, weight, flesh, complete and better.
Modern pharmacological studies suggest that: ebony is an alkaline food, because it contains a lot of organic acids, rapidly absorbed through the intestinal wall into useful popularity alkaline substances. According to "the blood alkaline by longevity," saying, choose anti-aging food, ebony deserved. In ebony organic acid, contains a citric acid, can promote gastric acid secretion, thereby swelling nausea indigestion disappeared, which lifted the "tired of melancholy," the symptoms. In addition, ebony organic acids contained in the gastrointestinal tract against invasive fungal and other pathogens have a strong role in the killing. If the weak stomach, then reduce stomach acid, disinfection of food and digestion naturally reduced, or even gastrointestinal disorders, such as taking time ebony, you can increase stomach acid, so that gastrointestinal get conditioning.
After sports and labor: Since excessive accumulation of intramuscular acidic substances, and thus feel tired. If you eat some ebony, can effectively decompose the presence of lactic acid in the muscles, fatigue focus of gluconic acid and other substances, leaving physical quickly restored.
It is worth mentioning: middle-aged people, often shoulder pain shoulder coagulation disorders, medically called "frozen shoulder." As the name implies, "frozen shoulder" is a common problem in the elderly. The main causes of its lack of citric acid, lactic acid in the blood too much acidity in the blood, resulting in the shoulders and neck stiffness, and to add citric acid, eat some ebony to receive results.
Furthermore, ebony and other fibers also contain acid substances, with the power of catharsis. Experts also believe that ebony with appetizers, refreshing, beauty, anti-cancer effect, in line with people's fruit-sugar, high-acid needs, is a rare fruit.