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price: US $74.00
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item Type: Grain Tea
Num.: YYD-N000006
Material: Stainless steel
Place of origin: Zhongshan
Time to market: 2014 Spring
Shelves Classification: Landmark
Price segment: 60-80 yuan
Is there a patent: Have

Product Description

2015 New shelves exclusive domestic production of patented products sold in Europe with movable casters
$ 240.00Sales 1130
Four movable shelving factory direct multi-functional casters Foreign thicker section floor-folding frame
$ 268.00Sales 2057
New patented triple folding rack shelf spot wholesale and retail factory outlets attract Taobao Distributor
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Export the original single-shelf housing bearing super new addition to custom specifications foldable mobile storage
$ 268.00Sales 6293
Clothing storage shelves clothing racks, warehouse folding mobile shelves, shelf factory set products
$ 168.00Sales 6375
Ex-factory price wholesale folding shelf shelf combination shelf upgrade
$ 254.50Sales 3509
Ex-factory wholesale simple minimalist shoe rack shoe rack shoe rack storage
$ 117.80Sales 1770
Ex-factory price wholesale mobile shelves professional production can be customized
$ 254.50Sales 7748
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Our products have different colors, shapes and sizes, you can also send samples to us, so that we can produce more products to your satisfaction.

First, the pre-treatment process:

1. Acceptance of raw materials (flat steel, wire, rod, paint);

2. The material according to corporate documents acceptance acceptance criteria;

3. Packaging material according to corporate documents acceptance test;

4. Ingredients;

5. Proof: by the computer design drawings to scale the sample;

Second, the process:

1. Cutting: by professionals according to the following drawing size materials;

2. Production: the use of imported equipment production of flowers

3. Welding: welding personnel molded according to drawings by professional welding;

4. Polished: Polished by professional staff to welded products polished smooth, no glitches;

5. Assembly: the professional staff of the molded product assembly configurations:

6. Surface treatment: remove the product surface oil, rust and the like;

7. anti-rust treatment: hot-dip galvanizing the product to maintain a permanent stainless steel;

8. Paint: Paint the product using the advanced display brilliance

9. Process: According to different styles of products, using different operating procedures Iron treating the surface.

Such as: plating, nickel, chrome, green ancient, etc. series of products for landscaping are handled.