Special Offer!! 9 kinds Tuo Puerh Tea Slimming Puer Ripe

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Style: Compressed Tea

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9 pieces flavour Pu'er Tou Cha.It includs Jasmine Flavour, Lavender Flavour, Rose Flavour,Ginseng Flower etc. Pu-erh tea can be purchased as either raw/green (sheng) or ripened/cooked (shu), depending on processing method or aging. Sheng pu-erh can be roughly classified on the tea oxidation scale as a green tea, and the shou or aged-green variants as post-fermented tea.
Features: Weight: about 5g/1Pcs
Tea Type :Pu-erh Tea Ripe and Raw
Origin: Yunnan ,China

Note: This mini tuo tea are ripe and raw and some roasted flaovr, Glutinous rice flavour.
For hygiene, please clean the tea with boiled water before drinking.
Package Include: 9 pcs Pu-erh Tea