Socona Wong Lo Kat herbal tea powder 1000g solid taste of beverage raw juice powder coin coffee machine

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item Type: Herbal
Weight (kg): 1000
Shelf Life: 365
Production license number: 320 106 010 143
Make: Nanjing Chin Han Food Co.
Factory site: Pukou High-tech Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, Chu Zhuang Industr
Manufacturers Contact: 4006-432-433
List of ingredients: At the end of white sugar, whipped

Product Description

Province:Jiangsu Province
Package weight:1 person
Packages cycle:1 week
Delivery frequency:Twice a week

Instant coffee, tea Sunshine triple fruit tea fragrance C

Sixty-two kinds of flavors mixed batch of 30 national package wrapped Logistics

The herbal tea really, concentrated flavor materials. I do not like too strong flushable more herbal tea.

Not too sweet, please rest assured!

Stirring slightly soluble in cold water, very convenient!

Bias can punch according to taste 30-40 cups of herbal tea bag, giant deal! (By 250 ml cup)

Triple tea series:

Instant coffee Series:

Fragrance tea series:

Sunshine fruit C Series: