Snack , Starch Covered Peanut 640g (320g *2 bags) peanut kernel ,nuts, food,Free Shipping

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Shelf Life: 12 months
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Peanut
Weight (kg): 0.64
nuts: starch covered peanut
snack: food
peanut kernel: chinese peanut

Product Description

Starch covered peanut

Chinese peanut

Peanut kernel

Peanut skin crisp crisp, sweet salty moderate, crisp and tasty. Raw materials are mainly peanut kernel, pudding powder, sugar, etc. After sugar, billet, baking, coating on the dressing process carefully produced, etc.
Peanut has a seductive fragrance, and rich nutrition, is a tea with wine. Because of its skin cakes mixed with fish skin gelatin powder billet, so called starch covered peanut. It with peanut, pudding powder, sugar, starch, etc as main raw materials refined but become. Taste the salty and sweet, sweet yu crisp, very popular.
Products adopt plain of shandong plant fresh peanuts, ensure each natural crunchy peanut and nutrition, combined with unique formula and traditional production process and every link through strict quality management, provides the guarantee for high quality standards. Rich nutrition, for young and old, is a gift, wine, travel of the fast food market, the product open bags of instant; Also delicious leisure snacks, when watching TV, watching movies, DVD, listen to music or feeling a little hungry, come in a bag, look listen to while eating, crispy and sweet, is a kind of enjoyment.
Edible method: open bag eat directly