Sell your right not to sell pure wild honey Yunnan forest tree shrub 700 g jar of honey

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item Type: Grain Tea
Shelf Life: 100 ( months )
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Product Category: Honey class
Whether imports: No
Country of origin: Yunnan
Rating: Premium grade
Product standards: GT / 22111-2008

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Pure wild honey , next Pu'er tea cooked soup contrast. Wild honey, commonly known as " honey " is the wild bee production, rather than in captivity , collecting honey. China has a vast , wild bees living in the wild in addition to the famous Chinese bees, as well as Hainan , Yunnan, Guangxi region bee big row , for the wild bee honey is divided into soil honey bee honey with big row .

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Wild bee independent Ngau Tau, Xishuangbanna unique " often summer without winter , a rain into Autumn" humid subtropical climate , making wild wasp , bee grass , sour bee , bee horse fork , Bumblebee common " Garden of Eden ." Various types of bees in the prosperous asylum endless lush rainforests , multiplication and prosperity , becoming edition mt wild bee source throughout the year .

Edible store

1-1.5 hours a day before meals or 2-3 hours after a meal to eat more appropriate. One teaspoon each oral , 40 warm water potable .Honey should be stored in a cool , dry , clean , well-ventilated place , the temperature is maintained at 5-10 . Air humidity should not exceed 75 % of the environment . To reclosable containers loaded honey , prevent leakage, reducing honey in contact with air .