Ripe Puer Tea 357g,Top Quality Puerh Tea,Cooked Puerh tea ,2002 year Pu’er Tea Free Shipping ZY 7001

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: The long The Better
Age: 11 - 20 Years
Brand Name: Lao Cha Tou
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bowl
Certification: QS

Product Description

Ripe Puerh Tea 357g Oldest Puer Tea, Honey Sweet Bolay tea,Dull-Red Puerh tea ,Pu'er Tea Free Shipping ZY 7001


Process: Ripe tea

Specifications:357g/piece Features: Flowers and plants in puer tea Snow mountain ancient tree Taste: mellow, with a characteristic sweet of the (inlet air chronological tea, no tea taste bitter and sweet gas), tea in Need (Mingqian tea)Ventilated, cool, dry, odor-free, pollution-free conditions: storage conditions Functions: 1.lipid-lowering, titness, more beautitul, lower blood pressure, anti-atherosclerosis. 2.Anti-cancer 3.Protect teeth 4.Protect and repair stomach function 5.Anti-aging 6.Anti-radiation 7.Dispel the effects of alcohol 8.Imporve your goog looking 9.Provtect eyesight Tips: 1.Washing tea is very important for Puerh.It can make Puerh clean and flavour better. Processing: To pour boiling water into Puerh with 5-10 seconds, then please pour out the water at once.Then you make start to make tea. 2.If you want to drink with a heavy and strong taste, please make tea with longer time. Note: There are some benefits for drinking tea ,but pls note there are some side effects for some women in the special period and different physical. No or less drinking Puerh when women face situationas as follows: 1.Menstruation Blood will outflow with a lot of iron when menstrual comes.At this special time, Famale need to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables with iron element. The Puerh is with tannin will hinder intestinal absorption of iron. 2.Pregnancy The caffeine of tea will increase the amount of urine of pregnant women. It also will increase the number of heartbeats and bring burden to heart and kidney.It may be lead to gestosis. 3.Perinatal period The caffeine of tea will bring excitatory effects and lead to insomnia.The Pregnant will lack of energy without enough sleep. It is dangerours when birth baby.It may cause the situation of dystocia. 4.Lactation a.The high concentration of tannic in tea will cause milk secretion. b.Caffeine of tea in milk will indirectly affect healthy of baby. 5.Menopause Drinking Puerh tea will increase all the symptoms of Menopause such as bad temper,poor quality of sleep etc.