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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAAA TeaNaga Brand
Shelf Life: 3650 days
Age: 11 - 20 Years
Brand Name: puer
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description

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TeaNaga Puer Shu Tea:357g. Ethosomes Pu'er tea cakes ( cooked cake ) , picking tea in the mountains of Yunnan Pu'er large-leafed trees and old tea ( quality Pu'er Required ) , a selection of high-quality fresh tea leaves , shoots stout , good product quality.
This section cooked tea , after the pile- fermentation , has been stored in five years , pie correct, appropriate degree , color brown lip , soup through, red positive , smell of alcohol , taste alcohol slippery, sweet cotton Run , drink up and feel comfortable , covered Choutet . Durable resistant foam , less than 15 bulbs, soup still flush .
You know with Chinese flavor of tea - tea
Pu'er tea black tea genus , as produced in Yunnan Pu'er City , so named after the "tea ." Pu'er tea cakes , based in Yunnan big leaves drying green Maocha as raw materials, fermentation processing.
After pile- cooked tea is fermented to make tea mild sexual orientation , cooked tea Pu has a mild nature , tea silky soft, mellow rich , is more suitable for everyday drinking. High-quality cooked Pu is worth treasuring , the same smell of cooked Pu also still with the aging time and become more supple , rich .
" Gets better " is recognized as the largest tea distinguish the characteristics of other teas , "Hong Chen Jiuwan Fanglan gas , goods do Millennium Pu'er love ." Pu'er tea is " entrance antique" , unlike other tea expensive in the new , expensive tea in the " Chan " is often gradual appreciation over time .
Ethosomes cooked Pu'er tea , Puer give you a different tasting tour !
[ Resistant foam ]Arts Futang bubble tea can soak more than 15 , still tea , taste remains. This is because the Arts Futang picking tea leaves on trees hundreds of years of large-leafed tea , shoots accumulated a wealth of material , drinking , bound several times to release the finished brew .
[ 5 ] in landscapesThis section ripe Pu'er tea, Ottawa heap ripening after fermentation , has been stored in five years, the quality of a good time is ripe Pu , plus Yunnan big leaf species tea flush , with very good tasting value.
[ Tea ] of moderate5 years landscapes , tea becomes more moderate. Through soup , red positive , soft and taste .
[ Gets better ]Pu'er tea is the only viable tea, continue to simmer in the air, the more alcohol tea stored longer , lasting aroma Gao Rui , there is a large-leafed tea Yunnan unique flavor .
Tea and Hani
Hani is a tea with a puzzled love of the nation. And many live in the land of minorities in Yunnan , like tea carries a wealth of important content of the material and spiritual life of the Hani people's lives .
The origin of tea , Hani People in the spread of an interesting legend : ancient times , there was a young man Hani fierce leopard hunting his hair , he brought people together drinking zhaili meat . During the meeting , we have fun danced until night thirsty . The owner will cook a pot of water to the people quench their thirst. When the pot of water is about to open up , the wind blowing the leaves have fallen , leaves the wind floated into the pot . We feel that after drinking this water tastes better than usual water , bitter and sweet fragrance there . Later would often pick it leaves soaked in water to drink , and the trees around their houses , and named "Old splash ", that is tea .
Basic Information
Pu'er tea is unique - Your Shu Puer From TeaNaga
Pu'er tea originating in the historical tradition of Yunnan Pu'er and the surrounding area , are fermented tea. Unlike other expensive tea in the new , long-term storage of tea , and have the better it tastes good quality. Pu'er expensive Chen , often with the gradual appreciation of the time , was praised as is " Entrance antique ."
Pu'er process - enzymatic reaction
Pu'er tea before becoming a real need for a process of aging , and liquor, wine Jiucun have the same purpose . Pu'er tea aging is a process of enzymatic reactions. For raw Pu , the real fermentation is done in the process of aging .
Thick bright red sweet aftertaste
After the meditation into a warm drink tea , tea in pores in diastole , tea gas between the meridians run , you can not write such subtlety , it Pu'er special.
How to brew The Puer Tea ?
Unlike other tea brewing tea , nausea and tea brewing method is a better way to brew Pu'er , they can maximize Pu'er tea sex , to better show the thick , healthy , alcohol , and quality.
The best choice is to continue pot , pot belly is slightly larger ( more than about two or three times when drinking oolong ) , it will be better . To ensure that the water temperature of boiling water , the water temperature is not sufficiently general bubbles out of the endoplasmic Pu'er .
1. -selector
Should choose a big belly tea , avoid tea too thick
2 cast tea
Dry tea tea accounts for about one-fifth the capacity of slightly over is not the end to
3 wash tea
Di Chen Yun tea in boiling water , remove the ups and downs , Wake flavor
4 tea
In boiling water injection , nausea soak 3 minutes , can also be a little longer
5 out of soup
Recommend first time, but 10 seconds soak , soak time of each subsequent increment 10 seconds
6 min tea
The justice assigned to the tea cup of tea cup , you can drink
Tips: the shelf life of those things tea
Small arts are here to explain these questions:
The first ,Gets better there are several prerequisites:1 tea raw materials well ; 2 store the environment ( temperature, humidity, dust and anti-odor ) . And that gets better on the market, a statement of marketing , in general , even under good preservation conditions, the tea store also has a best time , is one of its most moderate during the latter part of the conversion (typically 5-8 year ) , over this period, but also began to decline in the quality of tea .
Second, in accordance with national law, must be marked on the product packaging shelf life, but the state currently does not Pu'er shelf life make it clear that we introduce in the pages are written in the tea category generally a shelf life of 18 months,540 days of shelf-life and tea gets better argument is completely contradictory. So parents can rest assured to buy , drink and collectibles .
Third, Arts Futang sell tea - mainly small Tuo , court Pu'er tea and cake three categories . First, a small tea Tuocha belong reprocessing its shelf life is generally 540 days ; secondly palace belonging Pu'er tea powder , but no difference in the loose tea and tea cakes GB of storage time . And said that gets better so must be stored under good conditions a prerequisite , in general is the right temperature , humidity , and dust-proof anti-odor for long-term preservation.TeaNaga sell loose tea and tea cakes all have a shelf life of about five years , so parents can rest assured purchase .