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Product Description

Tea : Yunnan unique geographical indication products to meet the environmental conditions of the origin of Yunnan Pu'er tea big leaves drying green tea as raw materials, according to the specific process of production , has a unique quality characteristics of tea . Pu'er tea into [ raw tea ] and tea [ cooked tea ] two types.

Tea [ cooked tea ] : is the origin of the environmental conditions in line with Yunnan Pu'er big leaves drying green tea as raw material , the use of a particular technology, the fermented tea powder [ after the rapid fermentation or slow fermentation ] processed form and pressed tea.

[ Tea ] on

Yunnan Province, Yunnan large leaf tea is a certain area Maocha drying green raw materials , fermentation processing after a loose tea and pressed

Tea. "Tea ," the harvest : general points spring, summer , autumn and winter seasons . February-April spring harvest , 15 days after harvest to the festival

Spring and received the top grade , much more expensive than a bud , bud core thin and white ; summer tea harvest in May-July , said the rain tea , such as the production proper,

Approximate spring tea quality ; autumn tea harvested in August-October , said Gu tea, tea quality is inferior to the spring, summer tea ; Dongcha rarely harvest, only farmers

Drinking the right amount of harvest themselves .

[How to brewing tea ]

1 , a large selection of brewing tea pot belly can avoid tea too thick , the proposed material should choose clay pots , purple sand pot ;

2 , brew tea with about 5-10 grams , it is appropriate 95-100 degrees boiled water . 1-3 minute brewing time and watch their soup , class red

When wine is better . For longer is black, not good. Also according to personal preferences to decide shades brewing time ;

3 , moist bubble is brewing tea indispensable program . Warm bubble tea can remove dust , wake up tea , " Jervis "

Infusion rate should be fast ;

4 , drink hot tea to be smelling , toast nose in front , you can feel Chen aromatic flavor nostrils, a sense of leisurely elegance Qinxin ;

5 , carefully fine Pu'er , sipping entrance , before obtaining the true rhyme can feel the tea to penetrate the teeth , bleeding gums Qin , full aroma , sweet

Lu " fluid " , refreshing , lingering thirst, this is the best feeling of Pu'er "Back rhyme ."

First, making ready

Water: 100 cooked tea with boiling water , raw water temperature is about tea master at about 90 , with mineral water , spring water, purified water brewing Pu'er

Tea taste very good . Should not use tap water, so as not to destroy the tea chlorine nutrients affect the taste of tea .

Tea : teapot, tureen , a variety of products can be cup elegant cup , purple , tureen brew tea can fully enjoy tea

Mellow taste incense, products Cup , elegant tea cup for easy use in the workplace . Select the teapot, tureen should use big belly

And to facilitate the spread of tea and nutrient leaching .

Second, unlock tea

From the traditional tea , and a variety of forms such as tea cakes ways , brick , Tuo , etc., need special pry Pu'er tea knife or tea

Cone to take tea, correct operation is tea or tea cone from the edge of the knife and insert the side of tea , tea thumb suppressed by Kunugi

Pry the tea was massive . Recent need to drink all the tea tea easy to pry open the storage tanks after the dissolution of the best with a purple , jargon

The nickname given to " wake up tea ," said.

Third, making steps

Investment tea: According to the characteristics of tea and tea leaves to determine the number of investment yield , investment Pu'er tea quantity is about 4-5 grams of tea due to flooding

The matter is rich , so choose to adapt tea brewing skills standards , generally a tea brewing can be repeated more than 10 times.

Wash tea : Add tea, tea with boiling water into the boiling water about 1/3 , fast wash tea , tea to wake up , shower Chen Xiang , wash & P

Er of dust .

Brewing : brewing tea after separation to require fair cup or a cup of tea container products , the need to use separate tea strainer, filter broken tea ,

Used office productivity elegant cup of tea itself separate function , more convenient to use . When brewing tea in a soup

Among the more exquisite, large tea pale and tasteless , too late causing bitter stew tea flavor , only slowly realized in practice, according to Pu'er

The water extract features, the soup can be divided into time slower first half , the second half of the fast , the slow second half to practice to master.

When drinking problem , probably due to the following :

Cooked tea brewing , the tea was black and red , the possible reasons : brewing for too long, or too large cast of tea .

Health brew tea , teawater in general , possible reasons : the water temperature is not enough, the soup is too fast, not enough tea water temperature is unable

Bubbles out of the inner quality . General water dispenser water temperature is about 85 , recommend the soup a little bit in the slow , after much practice can grasp ,

Or recommend the use of professional brewing tea to brew .

When brewing began as brewing a long time, or temperature control is not good , resulting stew of tea , will also affect the number of brewing subsequent reduction

Less and taste change , the only way to solve only more practice to master, the same tea brewing different people have different taste change , technology

The more strange coincidence , no matter how good it is not good to drink tea .

Pu'er before brewing , if you can calm down , calm tea will be fragrant , only adjust the mood to Chen Xiang Pu'er sentiment .

Fourth, the tea store

1 , stored in a dry and ventilated place saying: "Tea hi konjac leaves and Wei Hong drug thermophilic dry and avoid cold and wet ." Family is required to keep tea

Dry ventilated place , but not direct the wind was blowing . Although the conversion is relatively slow , but it can keep true tea .

2, to avoid miscellaneous taste and odor of tea most easily absorb the odor in the air , so it should not seek to savor clean store environment . Every best

Day morning windows open for ventilation , make the home smell dissipates quickly.

3 , the use of bamboo packaging traditional bamboo bamboo bamboo packaging to help tea after fermentation, has filtered savor ensure pure efficiency

Fruit . If you would have been apart of tea , use plastic wrap dense , weather and humidity changes , prone to mildew and

Odor, destroyed the tea flavor.

4 , purple pot , clay pot purple clay pot and Yunnan folk are suitable for storing tea pots , tea can also be disassembled cake

Into the purple storage tank , one easy access , the second is to let Chen tea has a natural wake up process.