Promotion 200g Chinese Pu Er Tea Puerh Orgnic Puer tea Pu’er Health Care Slimming Products To Lose Weight And Burn Fat Te Puerh

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
is_customized: Yes
Shelf Life: The Long The Better
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Brand Name: JR
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bowl

Product Description

130g Yunnan Shen Puer Tea Pu Er Tea Puer Slimming Products To Lose Weight And Burn Fat Caja Te Cha Gao Compress Food From China

130g Chinese pu er tea, puerh, China yunnan puer tea Pu'er

Quantity: 130g Production date: 2007
Category: Ripe Storage time: the long the better
Certificate: ISO9001:2000 , QS (China quality safety certificate)
Now you are bidding Chitse Pu'er, Pu-erh tea can be purchased as either raw/green (sheng) or ripened/cooked (shu), depending on processing method or aging. Sheng pu-erh can be roughly classified on the tea oxidation scale as a green tea, and the shou or aged-green variants as post-fermented tea.
Unlike other teas that should ideally be consumed shortly after production, pu-erh can be drunk immediately or aged for many years; pu-erh teas are often now classified by year and region of production much like wine vintages.
Keep drinking Pu'er Tea, a way to keep health!
Improving digestion, burning the body fat
Enhance immune system
Suppressed the cholesterol
Reduce high blood fat