powder of jujube/Green Slimming Coffee /Red Jujube Ginger Tea / Ground Coffee/Green Ginger/Tea/jujube powder warm stomach

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powder of jujube/Green Slimming Coffee /Red Jujube Ginger Tea / Ground Coffee/Green Ginger/Tea/jujube powder warm stomach

The Many Medicinal Benefits of the Jujube Fruit

Mention jujubes to an American, and we think of the candy we buy in the movie theater. Big, over-priced boxes of those little gummy things (see photo). However, the jujube fruit has long been known to have many medicinal properties.

The jujube (ziziphus jujuba) plant originated in China and has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years. It is also known by other names, such as the Chinese date and the Tsai. The jujube fruit is now grown in northern Africa, Russia, southern Europe, the Middle East and the southwestern parts of the United States. When fully mature, the jujube fruit is entirely red with a very high vitamin C content. The medicinal properties of the fruit have been used for millinea by various cultures.

Fresh jujube fruits tastes a bit like an apple. The fruit can be had fresh for optimum benefits. It can also be dried or sold in powdered form and served as a tonic or tea.

Listed below are 5 Medicinal Benefits of the Jujube Fruit (and many more):

1- Cancer Treatment - According to the National Center for Biotechnology, juice from the jujube fruit has been shown to have cytotoxic activity on different tumor lines. A study showed that the number of viable cells had been decreased after treatment. These benefits have been attributed to, among other things, the jujube's high content of bioactive compounds.

Studies conducted over a 20 year period have shown bioactive compounds to play an important role in the prevention of chronic diseases.

2 - Antioxidant Properties - Jujube fruit is also an antioxidant with rejuvenating properties. It has the ability to help clear up the skin.

3- Blood Purification - The dried fruits of the jujube contain saponin, alkaloids and triterpenoids. These three compounds are all beneficial in purifying the blood, and as an aid to digestion.

4 - Relief From Stress - The jujube fruit also has stress alleviating properties. Used in a powdered form, the jujube fruit helps calm nerves and reduce anxiety.

5 - Many More Benefits - In China jujube is used to treat diarrhea, fatigue and loss of appetite. In Japan, research has shown the jujube to increase immunity.

Additionally, jujube fruit is used to improve muscular strength, increase stamina, and as a tonic to strengthen liver function. One popular use is to make it as a tea to treat sore throats. Consuming the fruit will help treat chronic fatigue, bronchitis, and anemia.

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