Only Today $15.96!! 500g Brazil Bourbon Santos New Green Coffee Beans High Quality Green Slimming Coffee Bean Free Shipping

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Grade: NY2(S17/18)FC
Weight: 500g
Shelf Life: 1080Days
Brand Name: Kitou
Packaging: Bulk
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans
Flavor: Santos style

Product Description

East Tea Garden

Brazil Bourbon Santos coffee almost come from the southeast Brazil, the ultimate in for coffee. Brazil coffee with low in acidity, with bitter taste of coffee, drink up is extremely HuaShun, and with a hint of green grass incense, in the faint scent, slightly bitter taste, making it easy to slide, finish with a comfortable living.

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The benefits of caffeine on the human body 1 Caffeine stimulates the central nervous and muscle due to the role, so you can boost the spirit, enhance thinking and memory, restore muscle fatigue. 2 acting on the cardiovascular system can improve heart function, blood vessel dilation, and promote blood circulation. 3 For the gastrointestinal system that helps digestion and helps break down fat. 4 and a recent U.S. study shows there is a new coffee can enhance sexual desire, because coffee has to improve blood circulation, speed up the heart rate, stimulate the nervous system active, so regular consumption of coffee's sex life than non-drinkers are often also active Not only that, but also reduce the chances of the end of suffering from impotence. Home baked beans simple method: 1 Will be green coffee beans spread in the microwave oven. 2 High microwave fire for a minute, take out evenly, then into the microwave oven high fire for a minute. 3 All the microwave for two minutes after the coffee beans into the oven cage. 4 Will pack good coffee beans tumble into the oven, up and down the fire 220 degrees bake for 20 minutes. 5 Please wear high temperature gloves after baking finish shaking cage, shake out the coffee bean skin, by the way also help cool beans. 6 In the grinding machine grinding of baked good beans into coffee powder. This is probably steps, in the actual process of baking, baking you can according to your own experience, this step is for reference only!