Old Tea Flavor Mini Cake Box Ripe Pu Er Personal Care Health Nursed Back Stomach Lower Blood Pressure Chinese Tea Food Wholesale

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Style: Compressed Tea
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Certification: QS
Grade: AAAAA
Weight (kg): 0.008
Packaging: Bowl
Shelf Life: The long the better
Brand Name: Longyuanhao

Product Description

Original small ripe fruity Da Chen

Description: Featured Menghai drying green trees in early spring Maocha , of tea suppressed. High quality mini Tuo , cord clearly visible ; soup translucent , mellow taste , charm long , sweet fluid lasting, can be repeated several times brewing , the more the better bubble drink is a good drink of cooked tea. National QS certification, food safety , organic tea , Chinese organic certification , so rest assured that you drink tea . Drinking is conducive to good health. Chen Xiang tortillas pack 6 grams , individually wrapped , clean, easy drinking , mellow , thick slippery, Chen Xiang full , one at a time convenient to brew .

Ingredients: Green Maocha Menghai early spring sun trees produced by fermentation technology exquisite , full of big leaves intact repression, is not broken tea , soup taste very good ! Please rest assured to buy !

Health effects : weight loss , lowering blood pressure lowering blood bran, enhance immunity , digestion phlegm, warm stomach fluid, purging fire detoxification, lungs and expectorant cough , sore throat treatment , Qi fill in relieve pain , ease herbs , etc. ( details continued ...... )

Note: If you need to lose weight after a friend at half an hour after dinner drink , have the effect of lipid-lowering diet scraper . Usual care, before and after meals can drink , no side effects ! Once a bubble , bubble 2-3 pieces a day, one can add 8-10 times of water.

A small box of a package , easy to carry

Chen Xiang significant drinking lingering in the mouth , especially for office friends, easy to drink .

High quality mini Tuo, clearly visible cords

Making simple, really lose weight , business travel , business office a good partner ! !

Tea brewing method
Want a good soak a cup of tea with two basic elements: water and tea soaking time . As long as the water temperature is completely boil.
Tea Soaking time:
The frist time, discard the first tea water, called wash tea time is not beneficial for too long ! 5-10 seconds !
Second times,From a second drink, tea second immersion time of 10-20 seconds !
Third times, Third soak second slightly longer time for 30-40 seconds , and so on ! The more tea water concentration the more light , the soaking time will be longer . See the following demonstrations :
1 . The tea leaves into the filter cup, about 5 g ( covered bottom of the cup , slightly higher ) .
2 would only inject filter cup boiling water to boil , cover the end of the tea.
3 . Moment , out of the filter bowl , discarding the first tea.
4 . Again into the boiling water , cover the end of the tea , cover with lid and let stand for about 20 seconds.
5 Open the lid upside down , remove the filter cup , dropping slightly to the tea , as the lid.
6 Well, a cup of tea on alcohol and a good soak .
7 In the remainder do not forget to enjoy a cup of tea filter , do not abandon him , and Pu'er is very resistant to bubble , when the finish first , you can filter bowl back into the cup, the same water again , cover and let stand little while , the second cup of Pu'er and a good soak !

Storage: Do not in direct sunlight , ventilation, ventilation, away from the smell, long-term storage ( The long the better) .