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Best gift for Parents, Older and Children , the most nutritious and richest antioxidant rare wild Goji Berries Of Ningxia-China (1kg/bag)

Origin:China Ningxia (Net:1kg/bag)

Storage : stored in a dry place and no direct sunshine

Package: In bag as photo

Shelf life:18 months

What do Goji berries taste like?

Goji berries have a mild tangy taste that is slightly sweet and soure. They have a similar shape and chewy texture as raisins.

How do I use Goji berries?

In China the Goji berries are usually eater raw or made into teas or soups. If you look Asian recipes using the dried berries you will find such things as chicken soup that contain goji berries or a warm hot grain cereal that has goji berries added to it. Asian often make a tea by boiling water with Goji berries. If you look at the recipes from the U.S. you will find recipes that call for the goji berries to be soaked in cold water for 30-45 mins(or used hot/boiled water to soften the texture in the shorten times) and whipped in a blender or served with cereal as rasins.

Here is the basic recipe to make your own Goji berries juice:

Please rinse the berries as how you rinsed the vegetables or fruits.

1/4 cup of goji berries & 2 cup of pure water

1. Soak berries in cold water(faster & better texture if used hot water)

2. Well blended with Blender

3. (Optional) 1/4 cup of fresh blackberries, raspberries or blueberries can be added to the recipe. You can also add other fruits such as apple, mango and or banana along with protein powers to make a great smoothies. If you use just the goji berries you will have a nice, nutritious goji berries juice.

4. (Optional) if it is not sweet enought for you, you may want to added a little natural honey syrup and /sugar.

Common forms

In traditional Chinese medicine, goji berries are eaten raw, brewed into a tea, added to Chinese soups, made into liquid extracts such as goji berries juice or eaten with cereals.