Malaysia White Coffee swiftlet nests belong instant coffee 250 grams triple woman coffee

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Weight: 250g
Shelf Life: 730
Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: swiftlet nests belong instant coffee

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Malaysia White Coffee swiftlet nests belong instant coffee 250 grams triple woman coffee Make: Malaysia Zhu Harry Foods Co. Company site: Malaysian manufacturers Name: Malaysian white coffee triple Coffee Brand: swiftlet genus classic festive red square box Ingredients: collagen, herbal extracts, Maca, Tongkat Ali, Arabica coffee, creamer and sugar plants. Shelf life: 730 Packing: Packing Weight (g): 250 Coffee Type: White Coffee Brand: swiftlet genus Series: 009 Origin: Malaysia Why Malaysian white coffee healthy? ? First, all white coffee origin in Malaysia, manufacturing, continue to use traditional local production methods, selecting valuable Brazilian coffee beans, coffee culture in speculation during low temperature baking technology, retain the original flavor of coffee, while, in addition to coke bitter and sour taste produced by high-temperature grilled, finished glycol aroma. Second, White Coffee is not addictive. And liver, stomach, kidneys and other vital organs, induce airway inflammation, women's breast tumors and other diseases less affected, will not cause loss of calcium. Third, no trans fats [abundant in deep-fried foods, international food and strictly control the content, will cause cholesterol to rise, increased fat and other issues]. Comply with the requirements of the modern healthy weight, but also avoid drinking coffee brings general hot trouble. Nutritional analysis: [Swiftlet genera] Swiftlet genus (Collocalia): Section 1 Swift Swift mesh genera. This is the case of birds tarsal nude or almost completely naked out, not naked tail feathers dry out. Broadly divided into 15 kinds. Birds are generally nimble than swallow small physique also lighter. Male and female similar. Mouth, thin, curved downward; wings long and pointed; feet short and thin, and four toes are facing forward, suitable steps and hold the line branches, only helps to catch the rock attached to the vertical plane. Lanes on brown to black plumage with gold luster, nakedness gray or white. There echolocation ability, any darting in all black cave. Fuli mouth can secrete a sticky saliva, the nesting material (such as algae, moss, plants, etc.) bonded together. Brown waist swiftlet, gray waist swiftlet, Java and square tail swiftlet nest swiftlet saliva to build upon the wind is freezing up, forming a translucent gelatinous substance, that rare bird's nest nourishing food. White bird points bird's nest, bird's nest hair, blood bird's nest, swallow roots. White bird's nest is the first time doing nest swiftlet, quality pure and white. For bird's nest in the top grade. Swiftlet nests produced mostly located in India, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, camp rookeries life. Vietnam floods and sediment produced in Malaysia square tail swiftlet, only over a large cliff cave Virginia waterfront where there are 2 million, can be regarded as the maximum number of sets swiftlet settlements. , As well as the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China's western region southeast of the mouth swiftlets are produced there, but they do not produce edible bird's nest. 1982 Institute of Zoology in Hainan island continent taken to a subspecies of Java swiftlet, that C.fuciphagagermani, produce edible bird's nest, but a limited number, but also because of the calendar year mining nest, now the largest group only 60 to 70. [Collagen] Collagen (collagen) is a biological polymer material, is a white, opaque, non-branched fibrous protein. It can add layers of skin nutrients needed to make collagen to enhance the activity of the skin, moisturizing the skin, anti-aging, beauty, eliminate wrinkles, hair care and other effects. [Natalia] Anti-fatigue, improve sleep, enhance physical strength, mediation endocrine system, improve the immune system, anti-aging, antioxidant Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, rich in amino acids and a unique natural active ingredient is Maca magical place. Ene and its unique Maca Maca amide under human hypothalamus and pituitary through the role of balance and regulation of human physiology and the rapid increase of the natural secretion of hormones, people recover vibrant state. Maca is rich in high unit nutrients, nourishing the physical human body function, people have to eat too energetic, exuberant spirit will not feel tired. Maca and can promote metabolism, resistance to stress, milk secretion, and can eliminate menopausal disorders, slow aging, enhance brain activity. Because Maca contains a variety of nutrients as well as balanced and reasonable variety of secondary metabolites have biological activity. Therefore, Maca has a variety of health care and treatment functions, traditionally for the treatment of menopausal syndrome, rheumatism, depression, anemia. In addition, it has the effect of anti-cancer and anti-leukemia. These magical effect in recent years has aroused great interest in the world of scientists, health and pharmacology, efficacy and clinical experimental studies on nutrition Maca is in full swing around the world, is bound to the development of the cause of human health do an increasingly large contribution. Malaysia White Coffee Malaysia is the main origin of white coffee, is the quintessence of Malaysia, the Malaysian government to entertain foreign dignitaries are used in Malaysia Ipoh white coffee old, like China, like tea. Low roasted white coffee aroma to retain the original good taste of coffee, to better reflect the pure taste of coffee, because the high-temperature baking causes the metabolite level constant inside the coffee fruit complex chemical reactions produced secondary metabolites. There is the fragrant aroma of coffee out of the volatile substances, coffee fruit which contains hundreds of aromatic substances, in baking, the most aromatic compounds will evaporate. It is also because the high temperature baking, will have black coffee and caramel aroma of grilled bitter and sour. And this is precisely the characteristics of black coffee. Instead of white tea and coffee as fresh coffee fruit retain more authentic. Adding skim milk and sugar to reconcile, to bring people to enjoy the ultra-high-taste, fragrant and full-bodied, smooth silk, but not angry, bitter and sour no caramel. As a healthy and slimming white coffee can into a few years and swept the world, more and more people like the. Teach you how to understand white coffee Coffee, white coffee does not refer to the color white. Regardless of origin why, after baking, coffee beans will become dark brown, which determines the coffee brewed over the world are this color. The main difference from the standard coffee origin and baking, brewing methods. White Coffee is an ancient Chinese method of making Malaysia originated, is said to have half a century of history. Is characterized by a relatively high degree of alcohol and coffee, and a little caramel and sugar content is low. The difference between white coffee with regular coffee is reflected in the selection of raw materials, roasted coffee beans and coffee brewing. Tips - three best instant coffee: 1 Best Water temperature: red instant boiling water is not applied, it will destroy the coffee fragrant taste. The best choice is 80 to 90 degrees Celsius of hot water 2 Best concentration: In general, 13g of coffee with 150ml water. 40g of white coffee, add 150-200 ml of water, preferably 3 Serving temperature: 75 degrees Celsius try drinking coffee bar, will bring you the very mellow feeling. White coffee and regular coffee What is the difference? What is the difference? From the process is divided up, white coffee and black coffee into coffee, we are familiar with black coffee processing technology is baking, the flavor is strong, there is a deep baking aroma, caramel sour and bitter, bitter black coffee, baked fragrant, strong stimuli known. Instead, an innovative white coffee black coffee on the basis of the low-temperature baked into a high-temperature baking, and and milk, sugar and other fused together new coffee beverage. Because it is low-temperature baking, white coffee better retained authentic coffee (more of a metabolite to save), and there is no bitter taste and sour caramel, plus milk, sugar, etc. to reconcile the overall on the more gentle, smooth and mellow with fragrant known, is particularly worth mentioning is that there are Chinese white coffee coffee in the title, "women coffee" (low-temperature baking, do not get angry, do not Shang Wei, caffeine content is less, and more healthy) Nest of coffee (swiftlet genus)