JT104C cotton scarves women fashion clothing wholesale clothing stores selling cheap merchandise

price: US $11.38
from AliExpress
Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Supply category: Spot
Material: Cotton
Product categories: Muffler
To apply a gender: Woman
Suitable for ages: Adult
Pattern: Monochrome

Product Description

Length (CM):175CM above

JT104C cotton Scarves

Size: 180x100cm
Product Packing: OPP
Material: Cotton
QTY: 100

Wholesale price: 8.80 dollars / article (before ordering, please contact customer service to confirm subscription colors, unacknowledged, a variety of random mix hair), 200 dollars batches can be mixed with any other product batches; mixed batch of less than 200 dollars, according to price: 12.00 dollars / article.

Alipay secured transactions, please read and accept the following carefully:

1.Alipay secured transactions, must be at least 200 dollars or more (with other products mixed batch). Also, never allow to the assessment or negative feedback. Impossible, refused to use Alipay secured transactions.If you have any questions, they can be resolved through consultation.

2.Given the company's current strength and manpower limitations, please receive our products with friends in front of the delivery man's face, please check the box unpacking the goods for damage; if damaged, the shipping company to confirm the signatures, we will find shipping company payment and compensate you for the missing parts. The quantity of goods any objections, please contact me processed within two days. We will not deal with overdue.

3.Product quality: Before delivery, we pass the inspection of goods before delivery, but various uncertainty factors will lead to the loss of product functionality, our only guarantee that the passing rate of 98%, 2% belong to the scope of exemption.Any objection to the quality of products, must be made within two days of receipt of goods overdue, we will not deal with.In addition, as a result of quality problems need to return, freight temporarily advance by the buyer refused to pay.

4.In transit, there may be some distortion or small packaging breakage, and some electronic products, such as lines fall off and some small problems, these small problems, in fact, can be handled resolved. What is the problem, it can be resolved through consultation; if they can because they deal with and solve small problems, and to refunds, please gorgeous, elegant detour.

5.In addition, some customers will not use the product because, say our products have problems, because if you do not use the product, but to refunds, and ask you to take a detour.Note: Any product if picky, can pick out flaws, can find fault, therefore, the product particularly discerning customers, please do not shoot.

6.All products are dispensed with the goods, under normal circumstances, as long as the number and cargo is no problem, we have not and will not return. Please note put right attitude, a sub-price goods, but we will try to check each product, very demanding customer, please bypass.

7.Under special circumstances, and after mutual consultation, to determine the need for return:1.Not normally exceed 30% of the total purchase price; 2. the buyer assume the return shipping; 3. products and packaging are intact, does not affect the secondary sales;4.We must first receive the goods, we can refund and replacement; 5. Return amount more than $ 100, while additional 5-20% of labor costs, packaging costs.

8.Some customers in order to reduce freight costs, the use of E - Mail postal delivery way, but the Post E-mail Bao slow the arrival time will be 3-10 days longer than express delivery; therefore, before ordering, please choose carefully. Do not transport a few days late, but what you want refunds because transit is not what we can control.

Please buyers carefully read the above terms, when ordering from the date of entry into force. Any objections, please check with our staff before ordering.
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