Iron Pachira ornaments entrance / living birds vintage wrought iron wrought iron furnishings office auspicious tree ornaments

price: US $646.80
from AliExpress
Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Brand: Formosa
Appearance: Plant
Material: Iron
Item: MD-0301
Application of space: Office
Style: Neoclassical

Product Description

Pro, please carefully read the resistance down to avoid because understanding is unclear, and misunderstanding .

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Baby Size: Approximately 61 * 12 * 56CM

Freight statement:Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan , Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Manchuria , Tibet and other remote areas, free shipping, or need to make up freight difference .

Seller details: The seller is having a physical store and factory ,Mainly to undertake export orders, The principle of small profits, providing our customers with cost-effective products, and

Quality services.

Use of space:Living room walls , hallway corridors , entrance, bar / hotel / villa decoration , etc..

Baby Color: Renderings color ( can be customized according to customer requirements , such as color and size )

Product Protection: Wipe with a damp cloth moistened with water , then dry cloth, Remember not to touch acidic liquid .

Tips:We sold the products are high-end productsFrom raw material sourcing to production to shipping packaging are doing all our best.

Production: Iron jewelry shop paint are baking .All joints are handled mirror to see no welding mouth , carefully polished by hand carefully .

Rust process:Pickling - electrophoresis - Primer - electrostatic spray - baking ( baking ) ( a house decorated hundreds of thousands, because the details do not affect the overall appearance Second , the concept of the shop

Is to provide you with the United States, the creation of the United States )

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