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item Type: Oolong Tea
Grade: AAAA
is_customized: Yes
Age: New
Shelf Life: 1080
Brand Name: HZPZSH
Style: Blooming Tea
Packaging: Box

Product Description

Tea is for life

Drink tea, taste from the gift of nature

Make a cup of strong tea, carefully taste the life, is a very nice thing.

names: tieguanyin Tea

Weight (g): 500

Shelf life: 720

Origin : wuyishan fujian province, China

Storage : stored in a dry place and no direct sunshine

Packaging: We will use sealed, It can keep fresh a long time

We can assure you that is the real precious tieguanyin tea in fujian, if not fujian tieguanyin tea, we will bear the postage back and forth, and return the money to you!

The effect of tieguanyin
1.Tieguanyin to greasy xiaoshi detoxification effect
Zheng Daoxi impressed by the long history of anxi tieguanyin tea, in this paper the anxi tieguanyin is called Chinese tea "old" of the family.This paper discusses the product value in the first paragraph, he is "can be detoxified xiaoshi to oil".The paper said, is widely regarded as man's best health drink tea, as early as the western han dynasty "the cold-induced febride is" day in seventy-two, tea and solution of "records.In the 20th century, scientists found that there is a called flavonoids in tea mixture of sterilization detoxification.
2.Tieguanyin beauty lose weight anti-aging efficacy
The article says, medical research shows that tieguanyin crude catechin combination, with strong resistance to chemical activity, can eliminate reactive oxygen molecules in cells, which makes human body against aging diseases.Mentioned, anxi tieguanyin of manganese, iron, fluoride and potassium and sodium content than, higher than other tea, notably the high-fluorine topped the tea's, for the prevention and treatment of dental caries and senile osteoporosis bone effect is remarkable.Twice in 1979 and 1984, Japan has "oolong tea is hot," anxi tieguanyin is known as the "beauty tea".
3.The effect of tieguanyin cancer increases homo sapiens smart
Say about the scientific research achievements for reference, anxi tieguanyin selenium content is very high, in the front rank in the six major tea.Selenium stimulates the immune proteins and antibodies against the illness, inhibit cancer occurrence and development.At the same time anxi tieguanyin to gain wisdom and efficacy.Mentioned, British scientists have discovered that the brain fluid acid and alkaline associated with intelligence.Tea is alkaline beverage, anxi tieguanyin alkaline significantly, so often drink can regulate acid-base balance, improve IQ.In addition the article also says, the vitamin in anxi tieguanyin tea, caffeine, amino acids, minerals, high content of tea polyphenols, such as rich, the material also for scientific research has confirmed that is close to brain development, and good effect to improve people's intelligence.
4.Tieguanyin,dating raises a gender effect in a good mood letting a person

Anxi tieguanyin, the author analyses the social attribute of anxi tieguanyin tea was regarded as high quality tea, in terms of hospitality, dating, and personal cultivate one's morality raises a gender, unique effect.Article said, anxi tieguanyin need to brew, entertain guest to boil water to wash cup, be caring and attentive. The preparation process, it makes the situation;Guests tea while catch up with the master, the process is very good affinity, and brew drinks the stylized, make the person raises to Harbin for chief use for delight.
5.The effect of tieguanyin has refresh the thought
Drinking tea can refresh the thought almost everyone knows.Used a lot in the past dynasties, the letters, the monk will wave moved, tea refresh the thinking of the work.Drinking tea can benefit, so popular with people, especially for some writers, poets and other knowledge workers in love.Such as France's giant Balzac, Chinese American woman writer han suyin was and the famous writer Yao Xueyin etc are fond of drinking tea in our country, to help Vince.Tieguanyin tea can refresh the thought, its function lies in the caffeine in tea.Caffeine has excited central nervous, improve, improve the efficiency of the function of thinking.After drinking tea, therefore, can sleep, refreshing, bother, remove fatigue, clear-headed, improve the thinking, can significantly improve the ability of oral defense and the reaction of mathematical thinking.At the same time, because the tieguanyin contains chemical compounds such as polyphenols, offset the pure caffeine cause of adverse effects to the human body.It is also a flourishing tea has a long history, and growing one of the important reasons.

6. tieguanyin anti-aging effect of Chinese and foreign scientific research shows that people's aging is associated with the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid in the body, and the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids is associated with the role of free radicals.High chemical activity of free radicals can make excessive unsaturated fatty acid oxidation, make cell function mutation or recession, proliferation and necrosis caused by disease and kill people.Lipid over oxidation is the evil human body health, but the culprit is free radicals, just get rid of free radicals, can cause the cells to get the normal growth and health and longevity.Usually, the commonly used the antioxidants of vitamin C, vitamin E, they can effectively prevent the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid.And Japanese researchers recently showed that the polyphenol compounds in tieguanyin can prevent excessive oxidation;Purine alkaloid, can indirectly have the effect of scavenging free radicals, thus achieve the goal of anti-aging.
7. tieguanyin anti cancer effect of cancer is a serious threat to people's health today "incurable disease".Therefore, in recent years, the tea anti-cancer has attracted great interest and attention.A few years ago, there was a report, Shanghai residents make esophageal cancer reduced year by year with tea, the tea can prevent the occurrence of cancer a fact that has caused great sensation all over the world.Now drinking tea can prevent cancer, cancer has been recognized by the world in the tea anti-cancer anti-cancer effect is the best tieguanyin.As early as in 1983, Mr Tian Ta male okayama university professor had dozens of plant polyphenol compounds for cancer screening effect, results show that catechins (EGCG) has a strong anticancer activity.Other scientists in the study of confirmed tieguanyin resistance variation, think tieguanyin tea polyphenol is the role of the main active ingredients;In the study of chemical carcinogen, definitely the tieguanyin tea polyphenol prevent cancer.

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