[GRANDNESS] 2006 Ecological Extract Tea Cream Puer Ripe Tea Shu Cha Puerh Cha Gao Chagao Chinese Healthy Tea Lose Weight 25PCS

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: aaaaa
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Shelf Life: 999999999
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: HACCP

Product Description

[GRANDNESS] 2006 Ecological Extract Tea Cream Puer Ripe Tea Shu Cha Puerh Cha Gao Chagao Chinese Healthy Tea Lose Weight 25PCS

Item Name: Ripe Puerh Cha Gao

Quantity (Weight): 25pcs , each piece of 0.5-1 gram.

Pirce: Bidding price is for 25pcs.

Production date: Made in 2006 year

Shelf Life : No expiration date, keep it under seal in cool and dry place.

Puer Cha gao began in the Tang Dynasty, mature technology in the Song Dynasty,popular in the Qing Dynasty, was the exclusive drinks and gifts to foreign missions Qing Dynasty royal state ceremony, and later disappeared with the collapse of the Qing Dynasty,after 2006, and back again with the rise of Pu'er tea, has become a new focus of attention of those interested.Pu'er Cha gao has health aspects qingfei row; down three high; sober up Yangwei; beauty body care; anti-oxidation, anti-aging; Diet; anti-fatigue; accomplishment Manner eight major health effects. Its main function is to factor because tea polyphenols contained in the cream,polyphenols up to 60.9% in cha gao, dozens of times higher than ordinary tea!

Cha gao essence is a high purity, are extremely sensitive to water quality, if not with any impurities in the purified water brewing, the tea cream soup transparent bright red; if weak alkaline mineral water, tea is tea paste more phenol rapidly transformed into thearubigins and other beneficial substances, so that red soup quickly, quite good for health, taste more alcohol.

Brewing method:

First, boil drinking method: 1, with a pot filled with mineral water (just fill 800ml, 500ml to 800ml of water can choose according to taste shades), heated to boiling. 2, into the tea 1 g. 3, cook until boiling tea all melted (about 1 minute), you can drink in the sketch of the cup. 4, If let it cool down to about 60 degrees when the drink, then soup transparent, red color, taste better.

Second, brewed into tea methods:

1, delicately sealed bags, put the cha gao into cup. 2, into the boiling water, observe the color, after smell the aroma can drink. 3, per bag cha gao (0.25g brewed 150-200ml water taste better), the amount of water can be adjusted according to personal taste. 4, although easy to brew, drink taste better if use boil drinking method.

Pu'er cha gao is instant tea, easy to brew, filling in the time remaining conditions are recommended to boil drinking method
will taste better.

name of the goods 2006 years PU ' er tea cream crystal ( tea, cooked ,Cha gao Called In Chinese )
copy years 2006 years
mouth sense taste cotton slip , mellowness
Color soup insightful bright gem red
grade etc premium
syndiospecific lattice 0.5-1 g / grain
choose material pu'er city in yunnan province / arbitraging 2000 altitude m high quality above PU ' er tea as raw material
point arbitraging high quality PU ' er tea , 06 years old as cream tea material raw materials . tea cream protesting , pure taste , wet moderate , slightly sweet .
save put cool and place , direct sunlight
unhistorical period qualitative climate suitable for under long
price of city field