Freeshipping! Chinese red Jujube , Premium red date , Dried fruit, Green nature food! 500g/bag

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Product Description

Jujube effect

First, spleen, blood, nerves

After dinner with red dates water dextrose can take: either with lily porridge: jujube soup to eat before going to sleep, can accelerate sleep.1000 grams of fresh red dates, washed to check the meat mash, add water and simmer gently, filtered juice, mixed with 500 g of honey, taken at the fire and mix thoroughly into jujube paste, bottling. 15 ml each time, twice daily, continuously served, can prevent insomnia.

Second, Totale cream, body muscle abundance

Jujube 10, black fungus 15 grams of crystal sugar. The dates rinse with water to soak for about two hours after the fish, picked off the pit. Black fungus bubble hair with water, pick clean.The jujube, black fungus into the soup bowl, add the right amount of water, sugar, cage steam for about 1 hour and serve.Daily breakfast and dinner after the service once, you can nourishing tonic. For blood deficiency pale, palpitation scared and anemia by eating. No patients eat, can play a strong role in health care nourishing. Often take, can Totale cream, body muscle abundance, and for the treatment of facial spots, Xing Shou. Note wet phlegm and stagnation should not eat.

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