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Mulberry dry: dried fruit
mulberry: sang ren

Product Description

Mulberry dry

Mulberry, Mulberry for Sankoh mature deciduous tree fruit, also known as Mulberry mulberry, mulberry jujube, black and white, purple for replenishing fresh to the top grade.
As early as two thousand years ago, Mulberry is Chinese emperor Queen supplements. Due to the growth of mulberry special environment makes Mulberry has a natural growth, no pollution characteristics, so mulberry is also known as "folk holy fruit."
Very rich in nutrients, containing a variety of amino acids, vitamins and organic acids, carotene and other nutrients, mineral content is also higher than many other fruits, mainly potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. Modern medicine has proved that Mulberry has enhanced immunity, promote blood red blood cell growth, prevent hardening of arteries and skeletal joints, promote metabolism and other functions.
1 Mulberry fatty acids have a break down fat, lower cholesterol, prevent hardening of the arteries and so on;
2 Mulberry contains UFA hormone, the hair becomes black and glossy;
3 Mulberry improve skin (including the scalp) blood supply, nutrition, skin, make the skin delicate and UFA and other effects, and can delay aging;
4 Mulberry has a role in promoting immunization can prevent cancer;
5 Mulberry Lord into the liver and kidney, good nourishing yin, Health and body fluid, suitable for liver and kidney Yin deficiency and Tianjin loss thirst, dry bowel embolism;
6 eat mulberry can eyesight, relieve symptoms of dry eye fatigue.
In addition to raw food, but can also be made of mulberry mulberry pudding, mulberry cake, mulberry jam, mulberry fruit salad and other food.

1 direct eat
2 can be soaked in water for drinking