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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Shelf Life: 36 months
Age: 11 - 20 Years
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Style: Loose Tea
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Product Description

Product description:
"Chinese big dictionary" records, bitter butyl tea: into the liver, lungs, stomach, scattered by the wind hot, clear leader, jiedu diminish inflammation.
"Compendium of materia medica" records, bitter butyl tea: leaf bitter, sexual flat, thirst, in addition to bother, clear water, pass the small intestine, to shower, stop headache bother heat and qing check ke, the throat.
The modern medical proof "bitter butyl tea: contains more than 200 kinds of medicinal material long-term health drink is beneficial to human respiratory system, microcirculation system, digestive system, endocrine system, known as the" longevity tea ".
* brew method
Apply proper amount of tea 1-3 piece into the cup, (dark-red enameled pottery cup best) with boiling water can drink. It can continuously and multiple brew, shade by people.

(bitter butyl tea contains bitter DingZao glucoside, amino acid, vitamin C, polyphenols, flavonoids, caffeine, protein, etc. More than 200 kinds of composition has tea scent relish bitter, sweet and cool, has clear heat relieve summer heat, bright eye and mind, fluids, thirst, strong heart, diuresis throat cough, step-down to lose weight, tumor-suppressor anti-cancer, anti-aging, active blood and so on many kinds of efficacy, known as the "health", "beauty tea", "tea", "decompression tea", "life tea" laudatory name. In recent years, the research of bitter butyl tea more concentrated in the processed into tea and tea beverages nutrition health care, has been successfully developed bag bubble bitter butyl tea, bitter butyl tea infusion, bitter butyl tea tablets, compound bitter butyl tea and so on many kinds of health food.

Overall effect: bitter butyl tea contains the human body needs bitter DingZao glucoside, amino acid, vitamin C, polyphenols, flavonoids, caffeine, protein and a variety of trace elements, such as more than 200 kinds of composition. Bitter butyl tea caffeine content is only 1% of the green tea. So drink bitter butyl tea won't appear some people drink tea in the evening after ordinary excited to sleep phenomenon. Bitter butyl tea has qingrejiedu, antiseptic antiphlogistic, cough phlegm, lack of food, refreshing and clear the thoughts, reduce weight cancer and radiation, active blood, blood fat and cholesterol, such as effectiveness, in the treatment of sore throat, stomatitis, high blood pressure, wind hot have a headache wait for disease have significant auxiliary therapy effect, and the effect of hairdressing reducing weight, used to boil the water washing can sterilization, diminish inflammation, prevention and control of green eye, acne, acne, prickly heat and so on the many kinds of disease. The qing dynasty palace the imperial concubine like to use bitter butyl tea as a bath, after washing, skin lubrication, the unknown swollen drugs and various skin diseases have very good curative effect. Fluids, thirst, clearing away heat and toxic material, eliminating phlegm, long-term drinking can promote metabolism, high blood fat, high blood pressure have remarkable curative effect, and it could prevent cancer cells violations function, more can reduce weight. Without any side effects
Bubble drink method: take tea 3 ~ 5 grams, at 80 degrees, the water brew for dropped method (the first set of tea, and then into seven points can be full of water, 2 ~ 3 minutes and then drink, tea set can be used glass, can enjoy tea in the water slowly stretch posture, pleasing to the eye.

Note: bitter butyl tea although good, but it's sexual cold, not what person all can casually drinks, which are often ignored by everyone. Here I want to remind you the following several people drink bitter butyl tea should take it easy: one is chill cold, had chill cold if drink bitter butyl tea, is no cold divergent, go against cold cure. The second is chronic gastroenteritis, the abdominal pain diarrhea patients, drink bitter butyl tea aggravate symptoms. The third is maternity. Cold sex bitter butyl tea not conducive to the postpartum recovery, will also hurt and taste. So the pregnant women, the spleen and stomach deficiency cold should be a small amount of drinking.


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