Free shipping ! Pu’er raw tea flavor mellow alcohol series of small Tuo single grain

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Style: Compressed Tea
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Certification: QS
Grade: AAAAA
Weight (kg): 0.005
Packaging: Bowl
Shelf Life: 10year
item Type: Pu'Er Tea

Product Description

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The above price is the price of a. A about 4-5 grams

The tea selection of premium tea raw materials and refined form, quality and maintaining the traditional style of Pu-Erh tea quality, durable foam Golden bright, pure aroma, tea, entrance and smooth. Easy to carry, easy to drink BREW, good health.

"Product name": Chang Yun er niche Vera Tuo pure Pu-Erh tea flavor heat sweet
"Production": the Pu-Erh tea

"Product specification": about 4-5 grams

"Storage conditions": clean, well ventilated, dry and odor-free, out of direct sunlight, can be stored for a long time.