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This product is selling at a loss, do not accept negative feedback! Love gives a negative evaluation of the buyers, Like initiation dispute please do not buy Thank you! This product lifetime guarantee quality, accept the unconditional return, freight borne by us, you will not have any loss, please rest assured purchase! tea Reduce weight Sexual activities goji berries Please note: Please note: Can not drink tea! Must use heat to drink boiled eight minutes later! Can not drink tea! You must use boiling water to drink for 8 minutes after!

Ginkgo's features are:

First, promote blood circulation, prevention of cardiovascular disease: analysis from Ginkgo biloba extract the ingredients found in the flavonoids of Ginkgo biloba, two flavonoids, ginkgo esters and other components, can be activated platelet function, the blood does not clot, it also enables the blood vessels to dilate the arteries and veins to promote blood circulation, and thus can prevent cardiovascular disease, thrombosis and stroke.

Two, enhance memory, the prevention of Alzheimer's disease: as we age gradually old, secretion ofnerve conduction will gradually decrease, which results in reduction of sensitivity and memory degradation. Ginkgo may increase the body of the neurotransmitter dopamine 'dopamine' content,and dopamine can improve the ability of physical communications information, for those intellectual function has become degraded the elderly, ginkgo can improve their mental activity ability, the prevention of Alzheimer's disease occurrence. Third, the antioxidant effects: Ginkgo biloba is rich in flavonoids, studies have shown that flavonoids have antioxidant effects, protecting the body from free radical damage and unstable molecules, radicals and unstable molecules will destroy the body organization and healthy cells, people susceptible to illness. The reason radicals generated from the mutant gene may, disease, aging or environmental pollution, etc., antioxidants can prevent the formation of free radicals, which causes the body more healthy. 

Fourth, the prevention of blood clots: Ginkgo can prevent platelet sticking together, and thus can prevent the formation of blood clots, which can lead to blood clots heart attack or stroke, if the arteries to the heart blood clots, to can cause a heart attack; if the blood clot stay in the arteries leading to the brain, it will cause a stroke.

Taking ginkgo benefits:

One, Improve cognitive brain dysfunction, such as the activation of brain cells, increase memory and relieve dementia, amnesia

And other effects. Second, promote blood circulation, prevent stroke. Third, reduce blood viscosity, and resolve congestion. Fourth, improve symptoms caused by peripheral circulatory disorders such as tinnitus, dizziness and other symptoms. V. hardened blood vessels to restore elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure. Sixth, improve early diabetes, as well as due to aging caused by retinopathy. Seven, improve shoulder pain, eye fatigue, numbness and cold Eight, clear peroxide radicals produced by the process of human metabolism What kind of person should supplement ginkgo it? For often forgets, memory poor seniors, cold hands and feet easily young woman consumes mental workers, students who want to pass the examination and glasses family groups thick mist are suitable supplement ginkgo Ginkgo tea, ginkgo plants Ginkgo Ginkgo biloba-L. The leaves, tea process prepared by the yellow-green tea flakes class. The tea system using Li hometown, leaves the Dabie Mountains, more than 1300 meters above sea level in the best mountain Silk, ancient ginkgo tree verdant land, using traditional techniques and modern technology combined with carefully prepared tea. The tea blend Kayama Silk beauty of bleeding, fluid combination of ancient and verdant, precisely because it comes from the Dabie Mountain National Forest Park, "herbarium database", produced in the Dabie Mountains rise amid deep cliff risk "Central first peak", holy and perfect, far from hubbub, oasis absolutely natural taste and healthy. The development of the tea advent of modern 21st century will be the face of a growing threat of natural disasters near numerous attacks and the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and healthy living in a natural green umbrella propped. The study shows: ginkgo tea on the human body has a protective heart, Paul brain organs, fat, strong memory, increase immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-viral, anti-tumor and other eight benefit. Ginkgo biloba health pillow features:

(1) Ginkgo biloba pillow filler is ginkgo leaves, supplemented Badu Jie local wild chrysanthemum, Shichangpu several species of rare herbs, and pay attention to picking season, the direct use of the sun to dry, using traditional craftsmanship and refined a. Pleasant scent, unique aroma and unite in pillow Chi Yu Zhou, Qingxin alcohol, long and loose, smell can make people relaxed, into a deep sleep, can effectively relieve fatigue, improve sleep quality, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease efficacy of adjuvant therapy.

(2) production of Ginkgo biloba pillow makes no other treatment, green goods, safe without side effects. Pillow will slowly release effective medicinal herbal ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, a tranquilizer eyesight, Huoxuetongluo of brain and other effects. Main functions: for the adjuvant treatment of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cervical spondylosis, nervous headache, neurasthenia caused headaches, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus and other diseases, and other middle-aged disease prevention and health care.

(3) use to keep dry, after a period of use, washable pillowcase, pillow case of drying may be appropriate when the weather is nice, but not in the sun long exposure. Ginkgo biloba itself with sterilization efficacy, proper maintenance can make drugs play to the best effect and maintain long-term.

"Chinese Pharmacopoeia" Ginkgo biloba for attending functions and function were recorded (1997 Edition Volume): Ginkgo biloba extract on dizziness, tinnitus, memory loss, mental decline, sequelae of cerebrovascular accident caused injuries, and promote hair growth and beauty have a good secondary effects. Ginkgo biloba extract can prevent Alzheimer's disease, stroke, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis. According to the "Royal medicine hospital," recorded with pillow sickness cultivation methods, combined with the ancient "Daily Materia Medica" medicinal value of the Ming Dynasty, "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the Ginkgo biloba, the use of "the disease outside the rule" theory by air pillow to sleep through the scalp massage to the drug dispersion and absorption, to achieve health, beauty effect. It is said: people in the life course, reactive oxygen species (peroxide) radicals can be used in particular lipid oxidative polymerization of unsaturated polyester and proteins, so some of the metabolic inactive substances, such as age pigment and cholesterol large accumulation of great damage brain cells and cause brain dysfunction and other diseases, ginkgo biloba specific flavonoids can effectively remove these harmful substances, protect cells, brain puzzle, and prolong life. Ginkgo has evacuation of wind-heat, clear bile eyesight, detoxification, anti-bacterial, viral suppression and other effects. Ginkgo biloba combined with three-dimensional crimped fibers, through a special refining process. Its pure quality, purer fragrance, refreshing after use. Ginkgo biloba topical skin diseases, headaches, freckles curative, contemporary scientists more successful tips, ginkgo biloba extract can increase cerebral vascular flow and reduce cerebral vascular resistance, improve cerebral circulation, protect brain cells from ischemic damage, expansion of coronary artery and prevent angina and myocardial infarction, inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis, remove harmful free radical oxidation, improve immunity, anti-cancer, anti-have feature for treatment of angina pectoris, cerebral arteriosclerosis, senile dementia, hypertension and other diseases have magical effect.