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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 540
Age: 21 - 30 Years
Brand Name: Pu 'er tea
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bowl
Certification: QS

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Please click on this link! Process: pu-erh tea ripe tea Specification: 357 g/piece 7 piece / 6 / piece Taste characteristics: kunming pure dry warehouse storage, heavy tea qingsong as expected, fermentation moderate, the sweet flavor concentration, aroma pure smooth, pure flavour is prominent, the taste mellow, rich smell, taste full, after drinking the sweet fluid. Cake surface oil moisten, Jin Hao bud, as delicate. Below is a picture taken at different time! Below is a picture taken at different time !

Tea cake bud head and big leaf blend. I think you can explain why pu-erh tea subject to blend here? The advantages of good tea must blend, blend is: "the combination of different regions and different seasons, different tea tea, their long and avoid its short, beautiful shape, all its color and its fragrance and the taste." So big a ripe tea leaves and buds of the blend makes wen run is moderate and the tea tea! If pure pure bud head to neutralize the thickness of the tea soup is very thick but it'll taste bitter. If pure old leaves large leaf w pile pressing so sweet degree is very good. But the smooth degree of thickness of! So this time the blend plays a decisive advantage. Blend makes tea mildly thick and smooth flavor degrees in a comprehensive level. Evaluation is very worth it!

{1} are superior in taste, often listen to a lot of people boast ripe tea aroma, 1-2 years of ripe tea, aroma is how how good... Personally, ripe tea, we value the more flavor, such as thickness, smooth degree, soup. This tea after a few years Put, elegant taste more entrance full, smooth degree and thickness are out, taste good. {2} stored properly, the tea has been put in kunming, kunming, dry climate, low humidity, temperature is constant, for tea Natural transformation is the best choice.

Tang wine red, bright, transparent. The mouth full, the taste of the tea is very full, connotation is rich in goods, mouth hang the living things.