Free shipping, China Ningxia Zhongning, organic, medlar, 180-200 / 50g, 500g

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item Type: Herbal
Packaging: Bag
Brand Name: yangyongsheng
Weight (kg): 500g
Age: New
Shelf Life: 365days
Variety: Gouqi berry
Grade: AAA

Product Description

Cikuan, wolfberry about 180/50 g, quality assurance to ensure natural, no, sulfuric stained guarantee 13 years, the first crop new goods. About Wolfberry : Why do some dry wolfberry white spots , and some dry wolfberry no white point? A: - In both cases wolfberry dry white spots appear : 1 , with a stalk harvesting , post-production of dry white spots appear off the handle ; 2 , do not use water to clean, the direct use of edible base mix , drying ( baking ) with white spots will be dry . Second, dry wolfberry no white spots caused by two situations . 1 stalk of fresh fruit without washing with water , then cold soaking liquid cooling invasion , drying ( baking ) dry , white water at the point of causal pedicle disappear . 2 , rain harvesting fruit. White water directly at the stem end point will disappear. Not dry wolfberry wolfberry determine whether the white point of origin and quality standards , in a sense , no white spots may be cleaner than the wolfberry has white spots wolfberry how white spots on the wolfberry , can eat ? A : A few wolfberry surface with white spots , are not spread evenly edible lye . When the sun wolfberry traditional techniques to trace food sprinkled lye ( 100 pounds just picked sprinkle 10 grams of wolfberry food base mixed water ) to accelerate evaporation. There seems to have received wolfberry ash is how ? A: The wall has a little bag of receipt of goods wolfberry powder , is caused by transportation squeeze . Another is the long wolfberry some dust off the ground , like eating tap water twice . Do not rubbed wash , will rub off flesh . Or first before drinking wolfberry wash ? A: You can rinse with cool water wolfberry click. Because inevitably there will be in the process of collecting wolfberry drying of the best to rinse with cold water until the dust , drinking it, and then use the hot brew , so relatively few health , it is best not to use hot water, in order to avoid the loss of the active ingredient . Tips: Let the medlar itself contains natural pigments , is characterized by small fleshy seeds , when you wash the color is a normal phenomenon , please parents who do not worry , shop doing is trading conscience will definitely ensure the quality of Chinese wolfberry . Buy this wolfberry, send, flower tea, one can choose. Succulents seed sowing method: the need to use, germination agents, watered soak 2 hours, then put placed nutritive soil above the seed, covering nutrition soil 2 cm, spraying water, remember not to irrigate, try spraying with a watering can, otherwise the seeds will be washed away , a temperature of about 15-26 degrees, about 20 days will be sprouting. Different Succulents seeds have different germination period. Hello everyone, Our raincoat, zippers, tea (new), can be customized. Delivery time is 10-15 days. Recently found that many buyers friends. Need to customize the product. Our shop can accept customized products. Plenty of. Wholesale price, please contact me. Send sample picture, size, material details. Zippers, raincoats and so on. We have professional manufacturers, supply sources China is the homeland of tea, is also the birthplace of tea culture. Chinese tea discovery and use of existing 4000-5000 years of history, and enduring, worldwide. Chinese tea is drunk throughout the country, the Shennong hair, in Luzhou Gong, Xing Yu Tang, smell flourished in the Song, Ming and Qing universal time. Chinese tea culture blend of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism Zhupai thinking, independent as a whole, is a wonderful Chinese culture! Chinese tea area is vast, tea partition uses three levels, namely, a tea area (southern region southwest of the table), two tea area (Northwest, Jiangbei), three tea area (South China as the representative). Meanwhile, tea has become the world's most popular, most popular, most healthy green drinks. Tea in the financial world who advocate one of "the world of tea." Air transport AliExpress Chinese postal packets can reach 26 countries. In fact. It can reach 190 countries and free shipping China Post small parcel. China Post parcel free shipping. If you need the goods very urgent, please choose EMS Western Union, DHL shipping,etc. please contact us. If you can not track your goods. Please contact us. We will check your goods. If you receive an error or a damaged product not received your goods. We will refund your money. Package Simple packaging. The package is a bubble film cassette. Not damaged goods. Package size to prevail in kind! On the evaluation We believe that all problems have solutions. Welcome to your call. We will reply to you within 24 hours. Friendly partner You are satisfied with our products. Please give us a five-star praise. Thank God!