Free shipping! 250g Mini Yunnan Puer Tea iron box tea 2003 Black Tea Flavor Pu er, Puerh Tea,Gift Tin box ,Green Slimming Coffee

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Style: Compressed Tea
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Certification: QS
Grade: Top grade
Weight (kg): 0.25
Packaging: Box
Shelf Life: 9999Days
Brand Name: Everlast era

Product Description

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Free shipping! 250g Mini Yunnan Puer Tea iron box tea 2003 Black Tea Flavor Pu er, Puerh Tea,Gift Tin box ,Green Slimming Coffee

"Product name" 03 small boxed BRIC

The original " ";Yunnan Dayezhong tea tree material

"Production process" Pu'er Tea tea

"Net" 250g/ box

"Production date" 2003

"The quality of life" is in line with the conditions of storage Chen Yuexiang

"Preservation method" to avoid light ventilation and moisture proof

"Processing enterprise" Kunming co Chang Xuan Tea Co., Ltd.

The puer tea of nine big health care efficacy

1, lipid-lowering diet

2, lipid-lowering, antihypertensive, resistance to hardening of the arteries

3, anti-cancer, anti-cancer. Puer Tea contains a variety of trace elements rich in anti-cancer, the role of strong puer tea to kill cancer cells

4. Protect teeth

5, protecting stomach, nourishing the stomach. Under the appropriate concentration, irritating to intestines and stomach does not produce drinking peace of puer tea, thick, smooth, full-bodied puer tea into the human gastrointestinal form of film adhesion to the surface of the stomach is good for your stomach to produce protective layer, after long-term drinking puer tea can play the role of protecting stomach, nourishing the stomach. This is advocate drinking tea consumers appellation for tea at home and abroad "beauty tea", the main reason for the "longevity tea".

6, anti-aging. Tea contains vitamin C, vitamin E, tea polyphenols, amino acids and trace elements has antioxidant properties, such as slow down the ageing process, so the puer tea is known as the "longevity tea".

7, radiation protection. He Guofan according to guangdong zhongshan university and other research results show that using pu 'er tea drinking puer tea can remove 2% with cobalt 60 damage caused by radiation.

8, sober.

9, beauty. Puer tea can regulate metabolism, promote blood circulation, regulate the body's natural balance in the body function, and thus have hairdressing effect, is known as the "beauty tea" abroad.

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