Features do the old leopard furnishings office / den / entrance specialty ornaments Bar / Club upscale furnishings

price: US $390.50
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Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
Brand: SOFT MOON / month Johnson
Appearance: Animal
Color Classification: Lucky leopard mother wolf whistled across the sky deer deer
Material: Resin
Item: SM00710-1
Application of space: Office

Product Description

Xiao Bian Lili :

See this leopard decorations , I think an old man ;

He once told me:

When the bleak life when found , went to see "Animal World" , bitter hearts may be many uncertainties !

Indeed , many times, the spirit of the animals give us deeper insights.

Leopard , it brave, aggressive , strong, air ......

Animals in real strong ;

But even such a strong, have to face the ups and downs of life,

But every fall, it can quickly get up ,

I think people should be like this :

Brave , strong life !

NicknameCai leopardModelingAnimal ornaments
MaterialResinCraftsHand- painted
Decoration StyleEuropeanPlacementLiving room bedroom office den entrance cooler Others
Design concept" Leopard " words and "money to " homophonic , leopard since ancient times been used as a weapon Lucky Cai Hua, whichever is "money " word, and the leopard is ferocious beasts, with leopard Lucky for wealth can received an unexpected effect . According to this meaning designer designed this full domineering leopard , it brave, domineering , sensitive , is really strong .