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Raisins: Dried raisins
food: fruit

Product Description

Dried raisins

Product Features:
Chinese medicine believes that the grape has the effect of blood Chile bones, stomach fluid in addition to thirst, Qi-by-irrigation urine, ney yigan good face ". The women who work may wish to eat a handful of raisins a day, for 7 days will be able to receive significant results. Note that during the taking should not eat cold foods such as melons, so as not to affect the efficacy.
Description of goods:
1, This product is made from natural quality Grape, made the traditional process of drying, without any additives, preservatives, can be safe to eat.
2, the product of iron and calcium content is very rich, children, women and the infirm tonic anemia, blood gas, warm kidney, treatment of anemia, thrombocytopenia Less.
2, the product contains large amounts of glucose, the role of myocardial nutritious.
3, the product is dry also contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, amino acids, eat a good tonic effect on neurasthenia and fatigue, or women's diseases food
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Eating Tip:
1, the general population can eat.
2, suitable for children pregnant women and patients with anemia food, sugar content and iron content than fresh grapes; suitable neurasthenia, fatigue, body tired fatigue, physical win thin,
Premature aging human consumption; suitable for lung deficiency cough, night sweats human consumption.
3 people with diabetes eat, obese people should not eat.

How to use: open bag instant
Note: drying at room temperature stored away from direct sunlight