Dried fruit nut ginkgo healthy snacks 250g Ginkgo biloba seeds cure cough and lower blood pressure food free shipping

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Packaging: Bag
Weight (kg): 250g
Brand Name: Shiningstar
is_customized: Yes
Shelf Life: 1year
Grade: superior
whether organic: yes
whether instant eat: not, need to cooked by yourself

Product Description

Goods show and description:

Product Name: nut ginkgo 250g

Product Process: dry clean environment

Shelf life: 1year

need to cooked by yourself, it is raw nuts, it is keeping young and health food

tips: when eat please get rid of the cores

Gingko (scientific name: Ginkgo biloba), also known as eye, mandarin duck feet, spirit, gingko, GongSunShuZi, is Ginkgo biloba seeds. Elliptic, 1.5 2.5 cm long, 1 ~ 2 cm wide, about 1 cm thick. Surface yellowish-white or yellowish brown, smooth, hard, slightly pointed at one end, and the other end is blunt, edge from two to three ridge, the kind of leather (shell), qualitative hard, seed coat membranous. Golden light brown at one end, and the other end. Seeds powder, middle small core, taste sweet, bitter. Agriculture in jiangsu, henan, shandong, guangxi, sichuan, hubei and other places.

Gingko nuts besides contain starch, protein, fat, sugar, also contains vitamin C, riboflavin, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements and ginkgolic acid polysaccharide, ginkgo phenol, five carbon, the composition such as fat, cholesterol, rich nutrition, but also for profit lung, cough and gasp the cure, check with worm, narrow, flat Cun wrinkle, protect blood vessels, increase blood flow, taken down and gonorrhea diseases such as good medical effect and the function of diet.


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