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: tea cream ( PU ' er cooked tea )
: yunnan lobar unbuttressed menghai drying green wool tea epurate
: 50 krishnamurti ( each grain 0.5 grams , each copy of about 100 grain )
: first waterflood , after tea cream , with water , warm water tea can be

tea cream reserving has PU ' er tea all health care efficacy outside , also have pu'er tea, cooked peculiar aged , liquor as red wine general , insightful bright , taste onenesses characteristics . the goods of any additive , cellaring natural PU ' er tea extract , is a safe , Shortcuts , health , fashion tea gimcrack . in

drink tea the benefits of many-many ! !
tea contain 3.5 - 7% inorganic and 93 - 96.5% 's organic compound , one of the mineral has about 27 more , such as phosphorus and potassium magnesium , manganese , fluoride , aluminum , calcic , sodium copper and zinc , eucairite , etc drink tea can through a quantitatively of minerals to human body need supplement . other hand , more organic is mainly , quality , carbohydrate , amino acid , alkaloid , polyphenols organic acid , , pigment . aroma , ingredient vitamin , soap sterine , etc , one of the amino acid as many as 20 variety , most of the body is essential amino acids , you can see tea within ingredient very rich , for health .

PU ' er tea cream possesses PU ' er tea all health effects , drink PU ' er tea can not onlyalso can help digestion , also has the function of frizing cellulite . sitting longbefore the white collar a every day drink cup PU ' er tea . after a long time , you will find only own function good stomach , the constipated disappear , the whole people also fresh up , is really ldquo . too

keep fit good beverage the tellable is , PU ' er tea also often as the schoolgirl good build maintain health bundle one , for him not only rich in bio age , tea polyphenols , itamin amino acids , etc for human body bendficial substance , but also can , undoes unoil greasy , up to the spleen and stomach , help digestion role , long insisted drinking , to health slimming function !

will of the tree big leaves tea after processing and barmy after , through the specific ways tea in fiber material and tea separation , of tea reprocessing , reduction into a higher level dirived instant tea . - - lewicki PU ' er tea cream - - a forgotten health of the cultural historybook of modern tea cream 's technology is in qing dynasty royal technology based on development of a kind tea cream technology . this way mimicked qing dynasty tea cream making climate , temperature , environmental , in more , circumspective 's alifs runoffs , tea soup extraction and concentrated , control in normal temperature 40 . use of aromatic substances and active ingredient must the temperature volatiles and precipitated feature , maximum will these tea the material of the original effective dissolving tea soup reconvergent into cream .

1 , technology and dressy rigorousness

yuzheng the lackeys 's qing tea making artisan examines shanties aozhi tea cream process of found , high way to the extraction of tea pseudouridine many effective ingredient undermine the serious , make the following . staleness they draw song dynasty making tea cream 's technology , again absorbing china traditional wine making technology 's essence , form a technology , complex and very reasonable business cream method . roughly inductive , following link :

light steamed , deblock , . ressive yunnan will be delivered to the top class and if tea cakes carry on steamed wet , then deblock , ressive again undertaken , remove tea surface dust and sundries .

it with traditional wine making technology in ananaerobic oxygen fermented , for tea fermentation , prompt tea internal substances and . conversion

small , greenstuffs big squeeze out cream . squeeze technology , first water will extrusion needless , and then will tea the all-out ram the tea outsqueezing , time reiterating press , juice :

vpress will out of tea on the open container internal , make its natural , extractables . and layered delamination different , also different grade

The eurygaster cream die-press , . stratified will precipitated teabag warp cryodrying , get the high density luvigel basilicon , reentry mould drying after forming , overwhelmingly is natural scattered harvest block , put in quality knobbing . this technology benefits of 's hand best possible tea retain original effective ingredient , 5-fluorouridine obtained tea cream retention tea essence . other , italso for tea cream staleness provide follow-up has & ldquo . kineticenergy & rdquo . , make tea cream the quality of to the conversion , preciseness technology this harsh , complex , time-consuning strenuosity , general affords for workshop . it somewhat us today most approximation advanced biological engineering & mdash . mdash & . low temperature extraction technology . this was lagging , no advanced testing instrument and extraction equipment under the precondition , has is very wonderful heroics .

2 . super nobility identity

from of tang tea cream to the qing PU ' er tea cream , we , they are all along the consecrated line scranton . almost no in society circulation . which makes it from a birth later development , little world understand .

tea cream , hailed as tea gold , tang odontoblasts , begins with in the song , , , qingkung ching hing modern , is of the folwing , , unbuttressed millennium tea ancient raw material , by 100 multitrace wagyu technology , 70 tea multi satelite salutary ingredient refining , and into concentrated cream solid . the king of charioteer terah , the anacclaimed , modern zhengping , elite exclusive . celebrities

1g tea cream in tea polyphenols content 60% , which catechin 16% , theine 9% , free amino acid 14% , others material ( salutary enzyme , tea polysaccharide , theoflavin , moisture ) .

( 60% around )

Tea polyphenols also called tea tanned or tea tannin , is the formation of tea color and flavor main component of , tea in health care function main component of . gpvs 's medical experiments , tea polyphenols strong removing harmful free radical , prevent lipid peroxidation role human body induction of the metabolizing enzymes active elevator , promotion carcinogeneses detoxification . suppresses and the body endogenous blocking nitross reaction , prevent the canceration and dcm . suppression to the carcinogens and cell dna covalent binding , prevent dna scfv the faulting . improve body cells immune function . , at the same time tea polyphenols by enhance the body immune globulin total amount and make it at a high level of , stimulating antibody activity , thereby improve immune overall ability , and can promote our body opsoning function .

( 16% around )

catchin , and caffeine platiniridium tea two big important functional ingredient , but also take catechin for tea soup of the main ingredient . with its free radical scavenger , caducity 4-nitrotoluene , prevent cavities , change gut microbes distribution , antibiotic , antiperspirant etc .

( 14% around )

it is both containing amino ( - nh2 ) and oxatyl ( - cooh ) organic compounds . natural also found many protein amino acid ingredient , in plants is mainly to dissociations or & gamma . ammonia - valley acylating derivatives form of . according to research , theanine tea the most important a dissociative amino acid , it is not only to adjust tea taste of the important role , in enhance the immune function , adjust metabolism great significance , theanine 's function research relay tea polyphenols has become after international health care hot . theanine there are mainly anti brain stroke , anti vascular dementia , for some anti cancer drugs possesses physiological adjust , protecting brain neurons protected against the & ldquo . free radical & rdquo . suggestd perceptive increase the spirit , enhance attention , mitigating the menopause syndrome symptoms of , increase the brain & ldquo . 's dopaminergic & rdquo . number of make people to reduce anxiety and , moderating tea in theine central nervous excitement of physiological function etc .

( 9% around )

theobromine from tea , coffee fruit extracted a alkaloidal , moderately use fatigue , dispel nerval action excited , clinical treatment for neurosis and recovery . coma coffee anticholinesterase make central nervous system excitement , therefore can increase alert , make wake up call , with fast and clear thinking , increase the attention and keep good body state , but also can promote metabolism .

( salutary enzyme , tea polysaccharide , theoflavin , moisture 6% )

qing dynasty royal tea cream 's 186 road process and 72 day time , purpose is salutary enzyme cultivation and save . salutary enzyme nurtured , make PU ' er tea cream in tea polyphenols , theoflavin and free amino acid reach balancing , the eventual makes the PU ' er tea cream 's texture , color best , the salutary ingredient more easy to assimilate . the glaringly , the set of has been jade secret recipe zemstvos total break researchers , and success import the practical application . let you in drink tea cream process of , 3 minutes that is able to the realisation 10 year old tea 's nuances .

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