Direct new European-style ceramic coffee cup beautiful and elegant and luxurious styling with a butterfly hob a generation of fa

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item Type: Black Tea
Product Category: Mug
Num.: AA633
Material: Porcelain
For people: Common
Style: Continental
Occasions for gifts: Advertising promotions
Place of origin: Chaozhou

Product Description

Features:High temperature
Price segment:30-40 yuan
Is there a patent:No
Custom processing:It is
Printed LOGO:Can
Trading properties:Domestic
Whether imported:No

This link is Continental mug 3 mug with a hob suit, one from the grant (6 sets). The kit can be purchased samples.

Rustic, casual afternoon of the election. . . It can be used to make tea, tea, coffee. Exquisite design, quality bone china, you can use as cups, but also put in the living room, dining room and other places decoration, do not have one style, it is your best choice. Make your life more pleasant, busy to experience a better life.

Sustained and creative fashion around the eternal pursuit of beauty of life, tide crowd was, the fine home fashion merchandise. Reflects the unique creative design, both full of artistic charm, but also with the user-friendly design, make your life a little comfortable, no longer busy, the mood becomes quiet, no longer impetuous.

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Lifted the veil of colorful urban life, we will find that there is a different kind of happiness gradually in the initiation, stylish, rich Petty Bourgeoisie US light sweet tea like an elegant note, quietly poetic life brings you. . .

Green antique bone china
Antique bone china delicate porcelain transparent, beautiful and elegant-type, color surface moist bright, colorful flowers face features, the achievements of its luxurious styling, the kitchen is not only practical place, is the piece of art appreciation.
Coffee cup, red cup
Cup outside the pale yellow color and a perfect cup Chak combination of large diameter cup, to facilitate a clear dirt to keep drinking healthy.

Metal formwork

The bottom is made of metal with the elegant retro butterfly pattern, elegant, agile, and more elegant first antiquity, modeling is also very safe product placement.

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Products are pure manual measurement, there is a 1-2CM error, is normal. Product pictures are really making a map, color may vary due to lighting problems, under normal circumstances, is insignificant, parents who mainly received in kind. Novelty, appearance pastoral style, both as decoration, but also it is using, unique party style.

These products are available from stock, but also can be printed at the bottom of the production LOGO or two-dimensional codes, the same color version costs 60 dollars, 120 dollars two-color, and so on. LOGO is intended for custom printed in more than 200 sets, according to customer's color LOGO printing area the size of the accounting and pricing.

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