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Material: Paper
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Happy Farm DIY desktop version
Not the house can move hands close to nature and enjoy environmentally friendly learning environment, which is happy farm, what are you waiting for?
In the mini Desktop happy farm this space belongs to you, you can enjoy creative graffiti, design farm, beautify your living and learning environment, create high-quality quality of life, and enjoy the petty bourgeoisie life style.
This year's most popular healing system of goods, feeling from nature
Let us make the most meaningful gift hands
Happy Farm DIY desktop experience the joy of living ecological E Park Publisher
2009 net play in the happy farm, 2010 at the desk with pasture - growing harvest, happiness, surprise, think how kind you how kind!
Product Description
Ecological E Park production of "Happy Farm DIY desktop" is a DIY product, you can assemble their own cabins, with their favorite animals, to experience farming life, you can also press the model we designed a nice planting patterns or words, if your DIY are strong, then you can make it yourself model Oh! Want to do on how to do, you can grow you design good personality, cute, novelty of a variety of graphics and words. Graffiti can also add their own background or pictures, calendars, photographs, invitations in the background, words of blessing Oh! Let us make the most meaningful gift hands now! You can put it on the desk or home decoration cabinet, computer tables, balcony, let it help you to beautify the living and learning environment, improve the quality of your life learning environment.

1. Remove the accessories books within the cloth into a container at the outlet to prevent leakage bad soil.
2, bad soil into the container full 7-8 minutes, hand leveling dirt dirty surface.
3, planting model sheet flattened into bad soil surface, closely integrated with the soil bad, bad soil with a watering can to piece together with the model-wetting.
4, the seed into the groove of the model piece, finishing a good shape. Watering. When watering should be careful not to let the seeds outside the line ran out of shape.

Product name: Desktop Happy Farm
Product Code: NC-001-4
Product Dimensions: 22.5 * 15 * 5CM
Product Origin: Fujian Fuan containers: 24 boxes / carton
Carton: 46.5 * 32 * 31.5CM Weight: 18KG / box
Brand: eco E Park