Creative home daily necessities small animal cup coffee cup quality gift package

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item Type: Other
Material: pp
Is there a patent: No

Product Description

  • Product name: small animal Cup and Saucer Set
  • Packing: 200
  • Weight: 0.074kg
  • Product Material: PP
  • Product Packing: OPP bag
  • Product Size: 13.2 * 9.5cm

  • Buyers must see:
    Inspection sign - after the buyer receives the goods, please re-sign the first inspection, damaged goods, the buyer refused! Face back to the courier company! Be sure to personally open the inspection package to view, check the quality, inventory number, if discrepancies front of the courier's face, immediately contact telephone sellers.
    After the signing of the first inspection, the problem can reject (very important) Consider the following process:
    1, to get the goods, please sign correctly. Because if there is no signature, you do not own the parcel, courier afraid to let your unpacking, otherwise go back can not explain.
    2, after the signing, the list in your hands, which is the most critical link. After the signing, be sure not to let the courier to list Sizou. Please open the parcel inspection immediately
    . If the list is already torn, you acquire after the signing of the list in his hand, or delivery of reach, and ask him to put things handed to you, inspection. (You have requested to sign, he did not give reasons for your package.)
    3. If you have read no problem to put the list to the courier, we all worry anymore trading success!
    4, checked and if found to have problems, please use a pen to cross out the signature, and the phone informs us, then sealed the parcel, please courier for the rejection process.
    5, if the courier asked to give him proof that he was not demolished package, please help look courier. After all, people are also responsible for the delivery, even if there is a problem in goods during transport, do not make things difficult for couriers Kazakhstan.
    6. Please note that may occur during transport and logistics issues: inside the packaging does not represent a complete cargo would complete the goods does not mean there is no reason to be walked on and squeezed damaged packaging intact does not mean that we shipped the same When the original packaging, does not mean that there is no split off and repackaged. So be sure to personally check, define responsibilities. According to postal law, after the recipients to sign a corresponding transfer of responsibility to the recipient body, any problems courier go after, according to the Postal Act, logistics companies have the right to be responsible for any complaints or claims, so in order to maintain your The legitimate rights and interests, please accept them preserve evidence, so good clear responsibility to facilitate resolved.
    Courier: Hello, you need to have your shipment receipt.
    Customer: Well, I look at the goods.
    Courier: only the first sign you can open look.
    Customer: Who prescribed?
    Courier: This is our company policy, if you do not sign, I took back, count your rejected.
    Customer: watching the courier to go: Well, I signed.
    After signing the customer took delivery orders and hold, then do not give express courier single "
    Courier: You sign stating that you wish, express orders to give me, we want to archive.
    Customer: I want to unpack inspection before I can give you, this is my house provision. Either you say I refused it.
    Courier: silent, customers can only wait patiently inspection

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