Chinese medicine grinder Yongli 100 grams g powder machine small superfine grinding machine for household electric grinder / gen

price: US $230.00
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item Type: Black Tea
Model: YF111B
Art.No.: Pharmaceutical industry standards
guarantee: Original global medicine machine factory sun and moon (now renamed the
grindability: Corn grains, herbs soybeans, coffee grinding, grinding
Applicable instructions: Domestic type powder machine, milling machine, Chinese rice paste mach
Texture of material: Stainless steel, copper motor, double insulated motor, small genuine
scope of application: Household, Chinese medicine shops, laboratories, hospitals, a small am

Product Description

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Yongli stainless steel household electric Chinese medicine grinder mill Two hundred grams of small powder machine superfine grinding machine$398Buy immediately
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Small and medium-sized pharmacy ginseng shop must have four suit making tools
Total price: $1661.50
Set price:$1268
Save: $393.50
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Important tips:When using the mill, the articles in the crushing bin can not exceed the crushing bin at most.Two-thirds, the best in 1/2 place. If the amount is too full will burn the motor.

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