China medlar

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Brand Name: Chinese wolfberry
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Product Description

Chinese wolfberry

For modern people, the best medicine is not as sick time can cure the patient medication, but eating can make you not sick medicine. The most practical efficacy of wolfberry is fatigue and lower blood pressure.

The effect ofLycium barbarum:Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, it can better nourish liver and kidney, Yijing Mingmu and nourishingthebiood can boost the immune system. Can kidney Yijing, medlar contains rich carotene and vitamins,they are better able to prevent heart disease and cancer

Chinese wolfberry wine

Boiling water

Medlar into the cup, with boiling water "is recommended to use cold water to wash one to two times", until the water temperature, and to restore thenatural put raw fruit state, if adding proper amount of honey, red dates,taste better


Not all people are suitable for taking medlar, is coldhave a fever, there is inflammation of the body, poor digestion, hypersexuality temporary,Not take, but no serious harm