Bear/ JBQ-D1355 bear multifunctional cuisine stick electric hand blender stainless steel baby food supplement

price: US $258.00
from AliExpress
Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Chocolate
product name: Bear/ bear JBQ-D1355
Model: JBQ-D1355
Juice / mixing / cooking machine type: blender
Color classification: lilac
Applicable number: 3 people and below
function: The juice mixing milkshake mixing

Product Description

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Bear with the cooking machine, set"Fruit juice, rice paste, stirring, and meat stuffing, vegetable mud for female beauty mask deployment"A multifunctional machine, such as a function.

200W point move switch (four dimensional blade +700ml juice cup)

Healthy little common sense

The traditional juice extractor is the separation of slag and juice.real, is very wasteful, and the slag iscellulosicCan beHelp the body smooth bowel movement, now the people's meat food eat more, often there is the phenomenon of constipation, constipation is source of diseases, not timely discharge, produce a number of diseases. Especially the elderly, children digestive system is not good, more to conditioning; and also with the human body needs a variety of fruits and vegetables nutrition.

Bear magic stick cooking machineCan play a variety of fruits, vegetables,By mixing the blade on the high speed rotation, the food repeatedly broken.Preserved fruits and vegetables of all nutrients andcellulosic.Convenient for cleaning,Multi use of one machine.