Barley tea tree fragrance of bamboo plate of Mini – said the small pu tuo tea

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Style: Compressed Tea
Age: 2 - 3 Years
Grade: Level 1
Weight (kg): 0.22
Packaging: Bowl
Shelf Life: More than 12 months
Brand Name: Wan Shoulong gong tea
item Type: Pu'Er Tea

Product Description

"Tea name" Ancient tree fragrant barley tea catechin

"Tea specification" Bamboo tray

"Production process" Ripe tea
"Date of manufacture" The year 2012
"Tea product introduction" Elaborate "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the efficacy and role of barley: Barley sweet nature, there are flat stomach thirst, diabetes in addition to heat, Qi tune in, under Chest gas, consumer product food, tonic poor, strong blood benefits color, Po valley eat five organs of power; rule urine leaching pain; governance into the head-to-head; rule more than the elderly polydipsia, drinking uncertain, tongue dry coke volume; water gas disease; Xia Jiqing heat; treatment of acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis, throat abscess. Barley flour, edible, barley beer can also be made to help digestion, liver Lee gas, help adjust gastrointestinal function effect.

About weight loss: super mini-packaged 5 grams each, a bubble, and can develop 5-8 times of water, good advice before bubble, half an hour to drink after a meal, usually also drink! No side effects! Every day bubble is 2-3, excellent effect reducing weight!

Choose tea according to different seasons

Raw and cooked pu-erh tea have different performance and effect, the health care function of human body also is not the same, choose tea changes with the seasons, to better effect according to the characteristics of tea, tea choice.

In the Spring season tea heavy preserve one's health, the body is the ventilation, can choose to have a certain degree of natural fermentation of pu 'er tea raw or cooked mix of puer tea, the tea has warm, have active again, more conducive to send out last winter cold evil in the human body, can promote human body sun be the spirit germinal, energizing, remove the spring fever, enhanced ability to resist disease.

In the Summer Season tea profit prompting fashionistas, steaming summer sweltering summer weather, the appropriate drinking tea, its taste slightly bitter tea slants cold, heat, heat dissipation, detoxification, spent, fall is thirst, dry, and the function of the strong heart refreshing, raw tea is rich in tea polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients, drink both cool them down, again add nutrition effect.

In the Autumn Season tea strong body, autumn weather is dry, dry gas in season, often make people thirsty, drink appropriate medium fermentation degree of puer tea, also can be a mixture of raw tea and ripe tea, take its efficacy. Such sexual moderate drinking tea, between between life ripe tea, not cold not hot, the climate is very suitable for autumn.

In the Winter Season tea for health, health is keep out the cold winter to keep warm, improve the disease resistance, at this time should be cooked pu-erh tea drink, the color red, brown, warm and full of ripe tea flavor GanWen, sun be the spirit of the good, heat warm belly, can strengthen the complement, add milk and sugar drink fragrance do not change, so as to increase the body's ability to adapt to winter climate. In ancient hatred MAO hall "interview, there are such narrative: pu-erh tea with" help digestion, dispel cold, have a detoxification."