500g Brazil Bourbon Santos New Green Coffee Beans High Quality Green Slimming Coffee Bean Get Free Filter Paper Free Shipping

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  • 500g Brazil Green Coffee Beans 100% Original High Quality Green Slimming Coffee the tea green coffee slimming bean Free Shipping

  • weight:500g

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  • Variety:Brazil Santos

  • Name:brazil beside kinds of coffee beans

    Product Specifications: 500 grams Coffee Country: Brazil Coffee-producing areas: Las Minas Greais State Department Coffee Level :17-18 mesh Disposition: delicate washing process Baking: Medium Dark Roast Taste Description: with a moderate degree of alcohol and acid degree, and with a deep sense of floral and nutty flavor. Beans uniform size, defect rate, there is a touch of sweet flavor stocks.
Brazil is the world 's coffee figuratively as " Giant" and "The Prince ." There are about 3.9 billion 70 million coffee trees , small farmers are now planting coffee accounted for 75 % of national output . The number engaged in coffee production in Brazil is twice or even three times in Colombia , while Colombia is the world's second largest coffee producer . Unlike in the past , the Brazilian economy is now less dependent on coffee, coffee accounted for only 8% to 10% of GDP . Before World War II , Brazilian coffee production accounted for 50 % or more of the world, is now close to 30% , but the impact on the world of coffee in the country , especially on the price of coffee , but it is important , for example, in 1994 two frost had caused skyrocketing global coffee prices. Since 1720 from French Guiana (Guyana) since the introduction of coffee trees , coffee production has gradually become a science. Before 1990 , the Brazilian government to strictly monitor the coffee industry , both severely interfere with another price protection measures, but the country has been implementing measures to protect farmers a minimum price , as well as resulting in the overproduction of coffee . World War II, some time ago , as many as 78 million bags of the remaining inventory , and later had to be put into the water by fire or destroyed . Free- market liberalization since 1990 , the original " Brazilian coffee Authority " (IBC) is the national non-investment administration - to replace national economy Association, which pursues the policy of non-interference , allowing producers and exporters direct negotiations. Exporters business activities by the legislative oversight government departments to be legally registered exporters . As the Brazilian coffee variety, not only " Brazilian coffee " (Brazilian) and including the word they sac . As in other Arab coffee, Brazilian coffee is becoming "Brazils" to distinguish it from "Milds" coffee. The vast majority of Brazilian coffee is not cleaned and dried , they are classified according to the State of origin and shipping port . Brazil has 21 states , 17 states produce coffee, but which has the largest output of four states , which together account for 98% of national output, they are: Parana (Parana) states, Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo) state , Mira Gerais (Minas Gerais) and Espirito Santo states (Espirito Santo) output states, southern Paraná most amazing , accounting for 50 % of total production . Although coffee has diversity, but Brazilian coffee but for the public 's taste. For example : the northern coastal areas of coffee production has a typical taste of iodine , after drinking reminiscent of the sea. This coffee exported to North America , the Middle East and Eastern Europe. There is also a rather fun and worth pursuing coffee is rinsed Bahia (Bahia) coffee. This coffee is not easy to find , because after the United States , Brazil is the world's largest coffee consuming country , many of the good coffee only to find to their domestic market . In Brazil , the largest output is robusta coffee. This coffee sold in supermarkets . Brazilian robusta coffee to(Conillon) names for sale, accounting for 15 % of total production . Milas in southeastern Brazil (Minas Greais) Some states Manor Cerrado (Cerrado) area planted with ancient Bourbon coffee. These estates , such as the card flat Blanco (Capin Branco) Manor and Vista Alegre (Vista Allegre) manor , Bourbon coffee growing old varieties also ShangXi sold. Although from the same area, but these coffee unique. Capim Blanco coffeeSiegel coffee taste smoother , while Vista ? Allegre espresso and black , both low acidity . However , like all Brazilian coffee, when they are most suitable for fresh consumption , because the older the more concentrated acidity . The coffee growers have been organizing themselves into Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (the Speciality Coffee Association of Brazil). ( The above text from Jon Thorn edited The Coffee Companion Coffee Appreciation manual Chinese version translated Poplar )