500 grams natural cinnamon of pure cinnamon powder,cinnamon spice seasoning large coffee can be equipped

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Origin: Cinnamon
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Related to the crowd: the general population can eat, Yindeficiency, there is heat, hemopyretic bleeding and forbidden for pregnant women.Menorrhagia, pelvic inflammation, sore throat and other fever patients should not eat, blood loss and spermatorrhea history of people should be fasting.

1.Therapeutic effect: the fire to help Yang, pyrophoric belong to the source, dispelling cold and relieving pain, activating blood flow. For impotence, the cold palace, confidants Leng Tong, deficiency cold Zheng Tuxie, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, temperature by Tongmai.

2.Nutritional analysis: according to a US study found that daily diet just add some cinnamon powder, can help type II diabetes reduce blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides, and improve insulin function.

3.Arthritis: a spoonful of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder is added in the lukewarm water, and massage in the painted body itching, most of the pain can be in 15 minutes early retirement. Arthritis patients every day to drink a cup with two teaspoons of honey and a spoon of cinnamon oil water.

4.Hair loss: the by loss of hair or baldness, before taking a bath with hot olive oil, add a tablespoon of honey and a spoonful of oil of cinnamon on the hair to stay for about 15 minutes after the wash, even if only stay five minutes is also very effective.

5.Toothache: in the place of toothache, a paste made of coated with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder and 5 spoons of honey, three times a day, until the teeth pain so far.

6.Stomach / intestinal gas: according to a study done in India and Japan, edible honey gas Guangxi powder can reduce the stomach and stomach.

7.Indigestion: before eating two tablespoons of honey, cinnamon, can reduce the stomach acid and help digestion of food. Spanish scientists have confirmed that honey has a natural element to kill the flu and prevent colds.

8.Acne: three tablespoon honey and a large spoon of oil into a paste, painted in the morning before going to bed, wash away the next morning with warm water, for 2 consecutive days, can reduce acne.

9.According to recent studies in Japan and Australia, gastric cancer and cancer can use this * *. * * patients should eat three tablespoons of honey and a large spoon of oil, cinnamon, three times a day, for a month, and continue to carry out tumor treatment.


1 purple cinnamon oil and mutton soup: 10 grams of cinnamon oil and practice: 1 jins mutton stew, cooked stew, soup meat. Effect: the temperature in the stomach, warm waist, abdominal flatulence, cold treatment effect. 2 purple oil cinnamon: 2 times a day, each time 3-5 grams. Warm water delivery service Efficiency: * * bloating, stomach pain; Guangxi oil powder into the dish cooking, can help control blood sugar and cholesterol. 3 purple oil tea oil: Guangxi Guitang 5, 12 grams of brown sugar, with fried. 2 times a day, warm clothes. Efficacy: can cure postpartum abdominal pain: before menstruation with 3 g of cinnamon oil, 9 grams of Fructus crataegi, 30 grams of brown sugar, amount of water decocting 35 minutes, cent is taken 2 times. Can cure the menstrual cramps and abdominal distension. 4 oil and cinnamon tea: 3-5 grams, 10 grams of hawthorn, 30 grams of brown sugar. Fry 5 minutes. Take 2 times. Efficacy: can cure menstrual abdominal pain. 30 every day before breakfast 5 minutes and before bed, with two tablespoons of honey, a spoon of purple oil cinnamon water cup, drink can. Regular drink: effect: adjust the body balance, remove excess fat.