357g DaYi Pu’er Seven cakes cooked tea 7592

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 10 years
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Brand Name: TAETEA
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bowl
Certification: QS

Product Description

Union brothers tea professional cooperatives is a collection of production, supply, sales of integrated industrial chain system platform. We unite with some tea professional cooperatives farmers set and pursue rustic tea.We will try our best.

DaYi puer tea—Famous Chinese Trademark

Process: pressed tea

Size: 357 grams

Food production license: 2008-532800-000061

Shelf life: meet the storage conditions for long-term storage

Storage: ventilated, cool, dry, odor-free

Seven tea cakes cooked tea 7592

7592 is Menghai tea cakes cooked using traditional recipes Chen Xiang, moderate fermentation, is the share of tea

This product is one of the traditional mass cooked tea, net weight 357g, traditional craft made

Trusted brand

Use tissue paper packaging, environmental protection no smell, the back of the big benefits of security signs

Ming Tea magenta clear, mellow taste, sweet, the better it tastes.

Securinega complete uniform, shiny and smooth

1.Remove five grams of dry tea from a tea cake into the cup

2.500ml 100 "C with water poured into the cup which

3.Wait three minutes or so you can enjoy the mellow flavor of tea­

1, in addition to direct drinking black tea can also how to drink?

A: the red tea also can add hot milk, can drink fresh milk tea of health.

2, black tea in the refrigerator to save?

A: black tea belongs to the fermented tea, dry degree is high, generally not in the refrigerator.

3, black tea is the longer the better?

A: pu 'er tea is usually the longer, the better, usually the best black tea within two years.

4,What is the difference between black tea name not the same?

A: not the same as black tea in origin, production process, the palate has difference.

5, your quality of black tea?

A: we are China's most famous black tea, black tea origin of authentic, good and inexpensive.

6.why, black tea has the effect of weight loss and beauty?

A: belongs to the fermented tea, black tea helps digestion and the effect of the rubbish cleared body.

7, what kind of post you use?

A: we use a China post parcel by post, when you receive the parcel, found scattered tea tea packing damage, please get photos sent to us, we will timely replacement for you.

8, we have about the way of payment?

A: you can use pay treasure, and credit card payment, very convenient.

1.Value for money 1.the cost is very low

2.Good for you 2.long-term drinking, harmful to health

3.No pigment, is a natural color 3.artificial caffeine, add pigment

4.The natural fragrance 4.artificial sweetener

1.Heat is very low 1.Little nutrition

2.Nutrition is very high 2.high heat, easy to get fat

3.Quench thirst 3.does not quench thirst

4.Natural aroma 4.add flavor, harmful to health.


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