250g Kunlun Mountain Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Tea,Good for Health Help Lower Blood Pressure, Slimming Beauty,Free Shipping

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250g Kunlun Mountain Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Tea,Good for Health Help Lower Blood Pressure, Slimming Beauty

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ITEM: Organic 250g Kunlun Mountain Daisy Chrysanthemum Tea,Free Shipping

Other Name: Coreopsis Tinctoria Flowers

Net Weight: 250g

Picking Time: New dateShelf Life: 18months

Storage: Avoid Direct Sunlight,Keep in Clean,Ventilator,Shady and No odor Place.

Xinjiang’s unique Kunlun mountain snow daisy is bathing in the sun and rain,absorbing the essence of the Kunlun Mountains,interpretation of the beautiful legend.The fresh breath nourish the youth’s face when the charming buds bursting its bright colors in the water.

:snow daisy can disperse wind-heat,care for kidney and it also has a profound significance in therapying the head and eye desease cause by wind-heat..:Snow daisy care for intestine,stomach,benefit meridian vessel,blood and ajust the limbs.

Kunlun Mountains snow daisy is elaborate by the wild chrysanthemum which is collected from the north Karakoram alpinezone where its altitude is over 3200 meters.This product is rich in plant extracts and manutacturing by mordern technology..It heritages Chinese traditional health classics ,and will bring you to experience the mystery and nature.

Characteristics of Kunlun mountain snow daisy

1 It is natural wild compositae growing at the Kunlun northern foothills where the altitude is about 3000 meters.

2 The rare alpine plant with unique effect,the only one can be used for comparison with Tianshan snow lotus in Xinjiang.

3 limited by the climate,its growth cycle is short and growth area is small,it has a extraordinary natural quality.

4 natural organic product,natural air-dried,the active ingredient is easy to soluble in water and the tea is transparent and bright.

5 This product is rich in variety of natural active substances such as natural organic alkali,tea polyphenols,minerals,etc.,It is the best chioce for the people who is hypertension,hyperglycemia,high cholesterol since it can effectively lower blood pressure and regulate blood lipids.

Health Benefit:

Help to lower hypertension,hyperglycemia,high cholesterol

Effectively lower blood pressure and regulate blood lipids

Slimming body


Beauty Face

Soothing Mood

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