2015 New Arrivals Zhongning Special Gou Qi Berries Medlar Wolfberry with sex 500g premium Ningxia wolfberry

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Place of Origin: CN;NIN
Grade: Special grade
Brand Name: Ning wolfberry
Packaging: Sachet
Weight (kg): 250g

Product Description

Product Desprition:

-Chinese wolfberry is not only a traditional rare medicinal herbs, but also a kind of nutritional supplements.

As a traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese wolfberry gan ping, have nourishing liver and kidney, benefit shrewd eyes, runfei effect. Medlar contains rich carotene, a variety of vitamins and calcium, iron and other healthy eyes of essential nutrients, so has the work of improving eyesight, commonly known as the "eye" in the Ming dynasty.

Same product have similarities, but the ningxia wolfberry and other difference from the following four points:

1. From the color: Fresh wolfberry fruit in different origin and different color, but color is very soft, luster, fleshy full;And dyed medlar more is the old stock in previous years, look from the sensory meat quality is poorer, lacklustre, appearance is very attractive and bright so, buy Chinese wolfberry must not be greedy "color".

2. From the shape: Medlar property for ningxia wolfberry medicinal materials since ancient times, the highest medicinal value.The ningxia wolfberry have white dots mostly, the tip of the overseas Chinese wolfberry is no, the ningxia wolfberry is the tip points to 85%.Ningxia wolfberry 90% not sinking in the water, tea, soup, etc are floating in the water.

3. From smell: For been sulphur fumigation of Chinese wolfberry, only need a handful with hands after, put them under the nose to smell, if can smell exciting choking, then certainly been sulphur fumigation.

4. From the taste: The ningxia wolfberry is sweet, sweet taste, but after eating my throat have a bitter taste


1. improve the body's immune function, enhance the body's adaptation ability

2. Have anti-cancer effect

3. Has significant improving eyesight

4. Enhance learning and memory function

5. To improve the adaptability of the body

6. Has the anti-fatigue function

7. Can improve the hematopoietic function of human body

For Lady: maintain beauty and keep young

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