2010 357g Menghai Nannuo Hill Alpine Star Puer Tea Arbor Old Tree Premium Ripe Pu’Er Seven Cake Pu Er Green Slimming Health Care

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Age: 3 - 4 Years
Shelf Life: The long the better
Brand Name: Yungui
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bowl
Certification: QS

Product Description

Quantity: 357g Production date: 2010

Category: Raw Storage time: 90 month

Certificate: ISO9001:2000 , QS (China quality safety certificate)

In 2010 south waxy 1 raw tea

NO. 1 from the famous pu 'er ancient tea mountain - south waxy mountain, ecological, a good tea place with good mountains and waters.

Xishuangbanna south waxy mountain is located in the kingdom of tropical - brown mountains, an average elevation of 1400 meters, annual precipitation 1500-1750 mm, annual average temperature 16 to 18 degrees, is very suitable for tea tree growth.

South waxy mountain since ancient times is the lancang river downstream of the most famous ancient tea mountain in the west bank, the important raw material for high quality pu-erh tea producing area, south waxy mountain superior natural environment, raising the world famous south waxy king tree in 800, and more than 21600 acres of tea plantations, of which 12000 mu for the ancient tea gardens, the ancient tea tree resources are very rich.

NO. 2 company production, quality guaranteed.

LanCang tea factory located in the western suburbs of LanCang county, was founded in 1990, the factory without industrial pollution sources, near LanCang tea factory with soil texture excellent tea plant garden of 2000 mu, and every year from xishuangbanna, lincang, Meng Lian, JingDong, surrounding counties such as XiMeng shai acquisition quality of nearly 2000 tons, stable and enough tea sources. LanCang tea factory has over 20 years experience in tea, has a standard at the beginning of the workshop, the fermentation workshop, machining workshop, insist on a simple heart, completes the quality of the tea, thus LanCang tea factory is deeply the general merchants and tea lovers, consumer's trust and welcome, in 2005 won the "consumer trust units" title.

NO. 3 environmental packaging, refused to chemical adhesive, ensure that the quality of the tea is not contaminated.

This product single chip for the sanitary napkin paper, mention seven, the traditional natural bamboo packaging, a 6, carton packaging, natural environmental protection, to ensure that the tea leaves no pollution to the natural aging process.

Keep drinking Pu'er Tea, a way to good health!!!!!

Improving digestion, burning the body fat

Enhance immune system

Suppressed the cholesterol

Reduce high blood fat