120g White Tea,Silver Needle, Anti-old Tea, Free Shipping. 2014 Organic Premium Bai Hao Yin Zhen White Tea! Silver Needle!

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item Type: White Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 3 years
Age: New
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Sachet
Certification: QS
Variety: Silver Needle Tea

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  • Silver Needle, White Tea, Baihaoyinzhen Tea, ------Free Shipping Gross Weight: 200g (4oz) per Bag, Foil Bag package keep the tea fresh and easy to drink Season: 2015 Spring Quality: AAAAA Storage time: 36 month Silver Needle, Also called Bai Hao Yinzhen, The highest grade of White Tea, only selected from the first tender tea bud. Have fleshy, bright colored and covered with tiny white hairs. After brewing, appear to pale yellow liquor with an fresh, sweet fragrance Enduring less of processing, near to the natural leaves, have more of the amino acid theanine (has relaxing and mood enhancing properties) than other teas white tea is the least processed tea and has the highest antioxidant levels. It may be the supreme Drink of Health. Such as: White Tea Antioxidants, Anti-old Cancer Prevention Lower Blood Pressure Lower Cholesterol Heart Protection Stronger Bones