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YouTube rolls out site redesign December 2, 2011

Google says the refresh “will improve your life on YouTube”, but members are unconvinced

YouTube has revamped its website putting channels at the core of the service.

A channel is a curated list of video clips chosen by a specific YouTube member or celebrity.

Channels are now displayed in a central column on the site’s home page resembling news feeds on social networks such as Facebook or Google+.

Experts say the redesign may mean people spend longer on the site, but some users have attacked the change.


Around 17 hours after an official “Get More Into YouTube” clip explaining the move went live, 6,703 members had clicked the “dislike” button compared to 2,280 who had clicked “like”.

“The layout is a mess! Why can’t I remove vids which I’ve already watched?” wrote one member.

Others wrote “R.I.P. Youtube” and “Change it back”, although some complimented the change.

The site’s owner, Google, has posted a blog saying that the new design was “focused on helping you discover a broader range of entertainment“, but said there might be “further tweaks” depending on members’ feedback.

It highlighted the fact that the site now offered deeper integration with Google+ and Facebook, helping members see what their friends were sharing without leaving YouTube’s site.

Channels from broadcasters, including the BBC and Channel 4, are also promoted.

Google is also in the process of launching around 100 channels curated by celebrities and other well-known content providers. The firm is investing tens of millions of dollars into the project.

Reports suggest the singers Madonna and Jay-Z, the actor Ashton Kutcher, the creator of the CSI TV shows Antony Zuiker, and the skateboard legend Tony Hawk will be among those providing content.

Conference organiser TED’s channel will soon compete against Madonna and Jay-Z for attention

The majority of the new channels are expected to launch next year.

Google said the site already attracts over 3 billion clip views per day.


Company watchers believe the revamp will help make the site more “sticky”.

“This does the obvious thing of keeping people longer on their site,” said Theresa Wise, an independent media analyst.

“But it is also taking the behaviour we’ve seen of people going to sites such as Facebook and Twitter to see what videos are trending, and allows them to do it easily from within YouTube itself.”

Analysts also believe the backlash will be short-lived, noting similar reactions after refreshes by other sites.

“The trouble with the kind of instant reaction is that most of the people who post their comments are those with extreme reactions, and their yearning for the old design will probably dissipate as they get used to it,” said Ian Maude, internet analyst at Enders Analysis.

“But I like it – it feels fresher and more up to date and the shift to channels helps YouTube move towards professional programming to create a more TV like service.

“That makes it a more attractive environment for both content providers and advertisers.”

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Syrian Government Accused of Targeting Protesters in Hospitals October 26, 2011

The Syrian government has turned hospitals into instruments of repression in its efforts to crush opposition, according to a new report by the London-based human rights group Amnesty International. Amnesty says wounded patients in at least four government-run hospitals have been subjected to torture and other ill-treatment, including by medical workers.

This is one of the videos Amnesty International says backs its accusation that hospital patients are being targeted. Aired on Syrian state television and posted on YouTube in April, the video appears to show a medic hitting an injured protestor.

Videos like this are impossible to verify independently, because Syria won’t allow Western journalists into the country.

But Cilina Nasser of Amnesty says the evidence she has gathered is overwhelming. “Even before I came across this video, we received consistent testimonies from wounded persons who were subjected to physical abuse at the hands of health professionals. And also testimonies from health professionals who are outraged by the conduct of their colleagues,” she said.

This video purports to show dead and injured protestors at a private clinic in the coastal city of Banias.  Amnesty says the day after it was posted on YouTube in May, government forces raided the hospital looking for an alleged armed field commander opposed to the government.

“We have documented two cases, one in Banias where they removed at least 11 wounded persons on 8th May.  And another one that was more recent on September 7th, in Homs, they raided al-Birr wa al-Khadamat Hospital and removed 18 wounded persons.  One of them was on a ventilator, they removed the ventilator and took him along with the others,” she said.

The UN says more than 2,900 people have been killed in the crackdown on anti-government protests since they began in March.

Activists say 10 people were killed in a crackdown on protests following the capture of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya last week.

This footage, posted on a social media website, purports to show a man trying to retrieve a protestor’s body from a street in the city of Homs. What happens next is too graphic to broadcast. The rescuer is apparently shot by a sniper. Activists say both men died.

Cilina Nasser says doctors in hospitals face a tough choice. “They either treat the wounded but they have to report these wounded people to the authorities as instructed by the Ministry of Health and therefore putting the wounded patients at risk of arrest or torture, or they disobey the Ministry of Health and protect the wounded persons, not report them to the authorities, and therefore the health professionals themselves become a target of arrest and torture,” she said.

Nasser says this YouTube video shows a family who tried to care for the father’s gunshot wounds at home. He died after two days. The family tried to preserve the body with ice to avoid having to take it to the morgue.

According to Amnesty, doctors outside Syria are posting videos on the internet to show Syrians too scared to go to the hospital, how to treat wounds at home.

Amnesty says it sent numerous letters to the Syrian government asking for a response to the allegations but so far has redeived no answer.

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Occupy Wall Street: be part of the whyoccupy conversation October 22, 2011

Sidy Toure

As Occupy protests have spread from New York, across the US and around the world, the two big questions have been: who are the protesters and what do they want.

The Guardian thought that one way to answer these questions was to give the protesters the chance to speak for themselves – and to each other, whichever city they happened to be occupying.

We asked three Wall Street occupiers to record a short video message to post on YouTube answering three simple questions: why am I here; what do I hope to achieve; and what would I like to know from other protesters.

Sara Hake

Now we want to help build these into a global video conversation between Occupy protesters, a vehicle for individuals to explore and develop ideas for joining the individual protests together and keeping up the extraordinary momentum they have generated already.

Kicking things off are George Machado, Sara Hake and Sidy Toure, who recorded their videos in New York this week. We’ve posted their videos in a playlist on the Guardian’s YouTube channel.

George Machado

Already, Bernie Sanders, the independent senator for Vermont who has been championing many of the causes the Occupy protesters care about for years, has posted his video response to the whyoccupy debate.
Occupy Wall Street protester Sara Hake shares her thoughts on YouTube

To join in the conversation and respond to George, Sara, Sidy and Senator Sanders, just upload your video to YouTube using the tag or keyword whyoccupy. Then post the link to the video in the comments below this blog and we’ll add them to the whyoccupy playlist on the Guardian YouTube channel.

Good luck!

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Occupy Wall Street – were you arrested on Brooklyn Bridge? October 3, 2011

Police arrested more than 700 people on Saturday as Occupy Wall Street protesters attempted to march over the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Protesters claim they were lured into a trap, with police guiding them onto the traffic lanes on the bridge instead of the elevated pedestrian walkway.

This eight-minute clip shot and edited by protesters, and uploaded to YouTube, shows a number of police officers apparently headed by one, wearing a long, orange-lined coat, leading protesters into the Brooklyn-bound traffic lanes.

Protesters say this video shows they were led over the bridge by police

When the protesters were about halfway over the the bridge, they were prevented by lines of officers from exiting at the Brooklyn side, while police vans brought up the rear.

Etan Ben-Ami, 54, quoted by the New York Daily News, accused the police of apparently laying a trap. “It seemed as if they deliberately moved back to allow people onto the roadway.”

Other protesters thought that police had let them onto the traffic lanes because of overcrowding on the pedestrian walkway.

Robert Cammiso, a 48-year-old student from Brooklyn, told the Associated Press: “We were supposed to go up the pedestrian roadway. There was a huge funnel, a bottleneck, and we couldn’t fit. People jumped from the walkway onto the roadway. We thought the roadway was open to us.”

The police responded to the claims of a trap in a move straight out of the protesters’ play book. On Sunday, the NYPD published video to YouTube which they say shows protesters were warned they would be arrested.

NYPD video showing protesters being warned they would be arrested

In the video, the officer’s warnings are drowned out by the protesters’ chants.

Paul Browne, the NYPD chief spokesman, said: “Multiple warnings by police were given to protesters to stay on the pedestrian walkway and that if they took the roadway they would be arrested.”

This account is supported by some who were on the march. Malcolm Harris, a blogger who was on the march, and who was among those arrested, said in a post on Twitter: “They tried to stop us, absolutely did not want us on the motorway, had no expectation we would take it.

It seems the NYPD were acutely aware of the potential for bad publicity if scenes turned ugly. In this video, an officer can be seen warning another officer about his conduct. The first officer appears to react angrily to a confrontation with protesters – he is pulled back and apparently given advice about his conduct by a finger-wagging colleague, as protesters chant: “The whole world is watching!”

Footage on YouTube shows protesters being arrested

Were you part of the Brooklyn Bridge protests? Do you have more video or pictures, or links to material already published? We would like to build a more comprehensive picture of what happened.

Also, were you arrested? We would like to hear your story. It is better to email me or contact me on Twitter, as it makes it easier for us to contact you back. Or you can post links in the comments below.

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Obama Touts Importance of Fatherhood June 19, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says kids need quality time, structure and unconditional love from their parents, calling being a dad sometimes his hardest job — but also the most rewarding.

Just ahead of Father’s Day, the president devoted his regular Saturday radio and Internet address to fatherhood, talking about growing up without a dad, his own failings as a father and the values he hopes to teach his daughters Malia, 12, and Sasha, 10. He described the responsibilities that all fathers have to their children and said his administration is trying to help during tough economic times and long deployments for U.S. troops.

The president spoke of helping to coach Sasha’s basketball team. “In the end, that’s what being a parent is all about — those precious moments with our children that fill us with pride and excitement for their future; the chances we have to set an example or offer a piece of advice; the opportunities to just be there and show them that we love them,” he said.

Obama, who was raised largely by his grandparents in Hawaii after his father left when he was very young, also talked about what he wishes he’d done differently.

“I felt his absence. And I wonder what my life would have been like had he been a greater presence,” the president said.

“That’s why I’ve tried so hard to be a good dad for my own children. I haven’t always succeeded, of course — in the past, my job has kept me away from home more often than I liked, and the burden of raising two young girls would sometimes fall too heavily on Michelle.”

The president said he’s learned that what children need most is their parents’ time and a structure that instills self-discipline and responsibility, noting that even in the White House Malia and Sasha do their chores and walk the dog. “And above all, children need our unconditional love,” the president said, “whether they succeed or make mistakes; when life is easy and when life is tough.”

Republicans used their weekly address to call for progress on pacts to expand trade with South Korea, Panama and Colombia. The Obama administration wants the pacts but recently threatened to hold up final passage unless lawmakers agree to expand retraining assistance for American workers who lose their jobs because of foreign competition. Republicans say that issue should be addressed separately by the president.

“For the good of our economy — and our country — he needs to send these free (trade) agreements to the U.S. Senate for approval now, so that U.S. workers and businesses can begin to realize their benefits,” said Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., in the GOP address.

“Our country needs the kind of pro-jobs, pro-growth policies that will help us live up to our vision of a strong, peaceful, prosperous America,” Hoeven said. “We have an opportunity right now to advance that vision and jumpstart the nation’s economy. Robust international trade can help us do it, and we can start by ratifying long-pending free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama.”



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